Minutes of July 27, 2009
Minutes of July 27, 2009 avatar

Crandall House, Hopkinton RI

Meeting was brought to order at approximately 11:20 am by President John W1AN.

Members in attendance: John, W1AN, Pres; Dean, N1SXL, VP; Ken, K3IU; Bill, N1HRA; Norm, NR1H; Andy, KA1VMG; and Dan, KB1BNO.

Committee & Officer Reports


Minutes of the previous meeting are on the reflector.

W1AN said that the secretary, Ed, W1PN, reported that the meeting place is not available for the next meeting on 12 September. It was decided to postpone the visit of HamCow until a later date. W1AN said that Ed is looking for a new date for the September meeting which is the annual election meeting.


The Treasurer was unable to attend.


Andy, KA1VMG, moved to open nominations for the next meeting’s elections. N1SXL seconded. There was no discussion. The motion passed. Nominations can be made up until a motion to close has been passed, which should occur prior to holding the election.

N1SXL nominated John, W1XX, as Contest Manager

N1HRA nominated Matt, WE1H, as Contest Manager
NR1H nominated Dan, KA1BNO, as Treasurer [Nomination accepted by Dan] N1SXL nominated Norm, NR1H, as Vice President [Nomination accepted by Norm] NR1H nominated Ken, K3IU, as Secretary [Nomination declined by Ken] N1HRA nominated Ed, W1PN, as Secretary

All nominations were seconded.