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There sure have been a lot of great scores submitted! Congrats to everyone for a fine job. For the M/S operation at W1AN, the weekend did not start out auspiciously. Due to an inaccurate oil gauge, I let myself run out of heating oil Thursday night/Friday morning, and spent much of Friday afternoon trying to get the system primed and firing. After a trip to Home Depot at 9PM for a new (but not completely correct) nozzle I got it running like a top. John, W1AN was on 40M putting Qs in the log until I got there just before midnight.

After about an hour of “catching up” I took over and continued our low-band operation into the night. Have I mentioned my distaste for 40M phone operation? Both 40M and 80M provided decent run rates and by the time Mike, K1DM, showed up Saturday morning I was ready to give up the helm for a while. I went back to Warwick to get the correct nozzle for my burner and got some rest, returning early Saturday evening.

During the day, Mike, John, and Ed, W1PN, divided most of their time between 15M and 10M. 15M has really come alive as others have mentioned, and it yielded many Qs and multipliers.

Upon my return, John, Mike, and I sat around for about 3 hours and discussed a great many things, almost none having to do with contesting. For my part, I was not looking forward to another night on the low bands but I gave in around 0330Z and got on with the business at hand.

Bill, W1WBB, arrived Sunday morning and after turnover went on the prowl on 15M. John, Bill, and I kept our eyes peeled for multipliers on the high bands and alternated operating to keep up our Q rates and get those mults. Near the end of the contest we were doing a better job of using those 10 band changes per hour to maximize opportunities on all the high bands.

Overall, we had a relaxed operating style. Very relaxed. There’s no doubt that had we operated in a more serious manner we could have scored much higher, but everyone seemed to enjoy the slower pace. It is, after all, about having fun.

Thanks to John for letting us operate at W1AN. It’s a real pleasure being a big signal. Thanks also to Nancy for her wonderful hospitality and great food!

We used N1MM logger and I must say, it has some features I really like. We did experience some glitches though, but they weren’t show stoppers. Otherwise, everything worked perfectly as usual. We worked KI1G on 3 bands but I don’t think we worked any other club members.


Pat, NG1G

Call: NG1G
Operator(s): W1AN, K1DM, W1WBB, W1PN, NG1G
Station: W1AN

Class: M/S HP
Operating Time (hrs):

 Band  QSOs
  160:    0
   80:  145
   40:  429
   20:  236
   15:  384
   10:  177
Total: 1371  Prefixes = 753  Total Score = 2,916,369

LoTW Workshop
LoTW Workshop avatar

At the last meeting we discussed the possibility of having a LoTW “workshop” for members who need some assistance. I’d like to get an idea if there is some support for this idea before we commit to a location for the meeting (we will require internet access).

How many people would take advantage of this workshop if offered? Please let me know as soon as possible.

If there’s enough interest I’ll contact those members about their specific needs to make sure all the prerequisites are met so I can help them (received post card with password for LoTW access, have files to be uploaded, etc.).


Pat, NG1G

Meeting Notice — April 16, 2011
Meeting Notice — April 16, 2011 avatar

The next meeting will be held April 16 at a place to be announced later. Location depends upon the success of an experiment to provide internet access at the Crandall House.

So far we have:

  1. Pat on LOTW.
  2. Mike on Improving CW second checkpoint.
  3. W1XX on the Million or Bust contest.
  4. W1PN on the new website.
  5. WRTC 2014  please read before meeting
  6. Demo of How to Skin a Cat

At the March meeting interest was expressed in seeing presentations on all of the popular logging programs.If you have something to present on this subject or any other please step forward now.

Is there a volunteer for providing the lunch makings?



SB-220 On Swapmeet
SB-220 On Swapmeet avatar

I see K3IU has listed a Heathkit SB-220 amplifier — apparently with few hours on it and nice upgrades — on Swapmeet.  This is a wonderful amplifier when converted for 6-meter DXing.  Those who have visited my shack have seen that I use one on 6-meters with great results.  Mine was converted by K1JX for use during VHF mountaintopping days….so it has made a lot of VHF contesting QSOs.  It puts out a KW easily on the Bird wattmeter.  If needed I  can probably get the details of how mine was converted.  I think there is a guy in CT who does it for a price (Google it).  Anyyway, when 160 craps out soon, you will see 6-meters start to open up.  Making DX contacts to Europe on 6-meters is pretty exciting.  During the peak summer season you will find the band open to CT3 and EA8 almost every day.  Then there is the ARRL June VHF Contest and CQ VHF Contest in July that gets a lot of stations QRV (and they both count for the CTRI Championship).  GL with the sale, Ken! 

The W1XX Top Band Report
The W1XX Top Band Report avatar

The equinox period is a good time to hear and work the VKs on Top Band.  For example, this morning starting at about 6 AM EDST, the following VKs were heard:  VK6GX, VK6HD, VK3ZL.  These are regulars on 160 with good signals. VK3ZL answered my CQ at 6:30 local.  But VK6HD was a real 599 at 6:30.  I have no doubt that 100 watts would make it through at this time of the year.  Also for the first time, I was nearly astonished to hear BU2AQ on 1810.5 from 6:45 – 6:55…the first time I have heard him on Top Band.  I called but my experience with hearing him on 80 before is that he does not hear very well.  AA1K — a virtual beacon on 160 every morning — called him but AQ kept getting his call as K1AA.  Too bad!  I’ll listen again tomorrow and see if there is any hope of getting through. We probably only have another week or two of DX condions to the Pacific, so if any of you have Pacific DX aspirations on Top Band, start listening about 6 AM local or even a little earlier.  Things peak up about 6:45 AM.  GL!!  3/23/2011



EME Contact at 600THz
EME Contact at 600THz avatar

This is a bit off topic but it has been my observation (no pun intended) that many Hams are interested in astronomy. To that end some of you may be interested in Earth’s Moon’s closest approach (perigee) in its orbit of our home world occurring this Saturday just before sunset. Thus the full moon which occurs at sunset will appear larger than usual. The coincidence of perigee and the full moon occurs once every 18 years.

More information may be seen by visiting

Notification test 141254MAR11
Notification test 141254MAR11 avatar


This will be a test in four parts.
1. Post published
2. Comment entered
3. Forum Topic created
4. Forum Topic reply entered

If you are part of the test group please report reception details. Any of the rest of you are certainly welcome to indicate whether/when you receive any of the test emails.


membership list
membership list avatar

Ed, correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t see a complete list of current and active members in the club.  Direct me to this link if already created on this site.

Dan, ka1bno

Operation NEQP: 1 Million or Bust!
Operation NEQP:  1 Million or Bust! avatar

Contest occurs: May 7 – 8, 2011

Attention all CTRI members: This is a call to arms for an all out assault on the all-time club score in the New England QSO Party (NEQP). To be successful will require the effort of each and every club member to contribute to the best of his or her ability.

Why NEQP? The New England QSO Party is our QSO Party. Stations outside of New England look to work us. It’s the closest thing to being rare DX as you can get. NEQP has a great following of hams stateside and DX that will be looking for you.

What’s the present club record? Actually, CTRI still holds the club record from 2004 with 8 entries and 418,603 points. Since then NEQP has grown much more popular. We can do much better than that.

What’s the goal? With the support of all club members we can score a total of one million points to set a new club record. What about YCCC? YCCC is considered “The Home Team” and is not in the club competition. We have several club members who have in the past posted very big scores in this contest. They are committed to giving it a full effort for CTRI.

But I’m a little pistol. To make the one million points will require we all pull together: Big guns and Little Pistols alike. You can operate SSB phone, CW/digital or both. See the attached rules.

I have trouble staying in the chair. That’s the beauty of NEQP. It starts at 4 PM EDT Saturday (May 7) and runs until 1 AM EDT Sunday (May 8). Then there is an off time when you can go to sleep. It opens again at 9 AM Sunday morning and runs until 8 PM EDT Sunday night: A maximum of 20 hours.

I don’t have an HF station. If your HF station is equipment challenged or you have limited contest experience, NEQP is just the right ticket for you. CTRI will run a multi-operator station as W1DX at the W1AN QTH, Ledyard CT which will be open to you. NEQP is ideal for gaining contesting experience. And W1AN’s is the ideal no-pressure venue. Please advise John (W1AN) on the reflector if you intend to operate at his QTH. This will help the club score immensely to reach its goal. No club member should have any excuse not to participate in this club venture.

What’s the exchange info? Signal report, county and state. Send 59 or 5NN to everyone. See the attached list of county abbreviations. You can work anyone, either in or out of New England. Stations outside New England will send you signal report and state/province or “DX.” Work stations once per band per mode [but no CW/digital QSOs in the phone bands].

I don’t have a logging program. You have enough time before the contest to get yourself a logging program. Ask any club members for their recommendations. Probably the simplest to learn in the short term is: If you still don’t get one, keep a paper log. After the contest, someone in the club will transcribe it into an e-submission format.

Where do I get more info? An NEQP package of rules etc. will be distributed at the March and April CTRI meetings. Please try to make at least one of these meetings. You don’t want to miss the “pep” talk. Any questions can then be answered. You can download the same material on, if you can’t make a meeting.

Notice to members with non-1-land calls: If you think it would be advantageous to use a 1-land call, there are club members who are trustees of club calls that may be available. For example, if someone in Rhode Island would like to use KA1RI that can be arranged. Post on the reflector the availability of calls or if you desire one.

Will you commit to operate? As the club’s Contest Manager, I respectfully request that you let me know that you are with us for NEQP. Please e-mail me at:
w1xx [at] cox [dot] net
If you would like to indicate how much you expect to operate, that would be fine too. If you have any needs such as equipment, advice, etc., we’ll see what we can do for the club to help. Don’t hesitate to ask. This will be a fun event. And remember, it’s ONE MILLION OR BUST and bust is not an option! 73!

— John Lindholm, W1XX
CTRI Contest Manager


CTRI Contest Group Champions 2010 – 2011
CTRI Contest Group Champions 2010 – 2011 avatar

Champions' Plaques

1. Objective: The 21 major contests of the year feature a club competition. To maximize the CTRI standing amongst other clubs, the CTRI club member(s) who contributes the most points in the 2010 – 2011 contest-year to the club’s credit is the CTRI Contest Group Champion. A champion will be recognized in the High Power, Low Power, and QRP categories in accordance with the specific rules which follow. An additional category, The Tenderfoot Award, initiated this year recognizes special effort as outlined below. Authorization for the continuation of this program from its initial 2009 – 2010 year was by club vote at its Sep 18, 2010 meeting.

2. Scoring:

A] An individual’s submitted score will be used for “keeping score.” If at the end of the contest year there is a very close race for determining champion, then the official published scores will be used.

B] The score must be submitted to the sponsor for CTRI credit. Repeat: You must submit your score for CTRI credit in this competition.

C] To be eligible for a champion award, at least 5 of the contests (see list) must have a submitted entry (Tenderfoot exempted).

D] If a club member submits scores in different categories (HP, LP, QRP), his category for champion will be the highest power used unless at least 5 are in a single lower power category.

E] A member participating in a multi-operator effort gets individual credit as follows: total score divided by number of operators.

F] After each contest, a member gets credit by either posting his score on the CTRI Yahoo reflector (or equivalent on the new website) or submitting the score to:

ctriscores [AT] cox [DOT] net.

A running tally sheet (or leaderboard) will be posted on the reflector periodically so that members can see individual progress and standings.

3. Contest season: The yearly contest season runs from September 1, 2010 through August 31, 2011. The following contests which have a club competition component count for champion credit:

Sep: ARRL September VHF QSO Party

CQ WW RTTY Contest

Oct: CQ WW SSB DX Contest

Nov: ARRL November Sweepstakes CW

ARRL November Sweepstakes Phone

CQ WW DX CW Contest

Dec: ARRL 160 Meter Contest

ARRL 10 Meter Contest

Jan: ARRL RTTY Roundup

ARRL VHF Sweepstakes

CQ WW CW 160 Meter Contest

Feb: CQ WPX RTTY Contest

ARRL CW DX Contest

CQ SSB 160 Meter Contest

Mar: ARRL SSB DX Contest

Russian DX Contest


May: New England QSO Party

CQ WW CW WPX Contest

Jun: ARRL June VHF QSO Party

Jul: CQ WW VHF Contest

4. Awards: A suitable plaque will be awarded in each of the four categories in which there are qualified entries. The plaque will indicate champions in memorium of all past CTRI Contest Group members whose keys now remain silent (SK).

5. Resolution: In the event of any dispute over the results of this program, a panel of three members selected by the President shall review the matter with its decision final.

6. The Tenderfoot Award: This is a special category that recognizes individual effort by a club member who has made substantial progress in improving his/her contesting effort usually with somewhat less than top-of-the-line equipment or vast prior experience. It may be a so-called “rookie” effort from someone new to contesting or from many years of dormancy from operating. It may – but not necessarily – be someone newly licensed. Making due with basic equipment and wire antennae are often the sign of a potential Tenderfoot winner. There is no minimum number of contests to be entered. The winner is selected on the subjective judgment of a panel of club officers, and is only awarded when one is found truly worthy. An individual can win this only once and cannot repeat in subsequent years.

7. Errors or Omissions: In codifying these rules, any obvious errors or omissions may be corrected.