BOXBORO 2012 Friday Banquet
BOXBORO 2012 Friday Banquet avatar

Are we going to reserve a table at the Friday evening banquet (DX speaker K1DG?)?

If you will be there and want to attend, I can order the table for 8 if we have enough people.  Otherwise, I guess we’re each on our own.  We still have time to get a reservation, but we need to act soon.

If you are planning on attending Boxboro, please indicate the times you will be there and let Pat, NG1G, know when you will help with the parking or ticket selling.

Time is getting short.


Mike, K1DM

Please Post CQWW VHF Results Here
Please Post CQWW VHF Results Here avatar

This is the LAST contest in the 2012 CTRI Contest series. Please post your results by adding a comment containing your results to this posting.

NOTE:  If you use N1MM Logger for this contest AND you were single band (either 50 or 144), the Cabrillo file header should be changed to indicate the single band per the following on the contest web page…

“BAND should be ALL, 144 or 50 only.  6M and 2M will converted to ALL by the robot”

Good Luck and Have Fun Contesting!!


Ken K3IU

No July 2012 Meeting
No July 2012 Meeting avatar

There will be no CTRI meeting this month.

Regarding Boxboro… W1AN has reserved 3 spaces for Club use in the Flea Market area. NG1G is coordinating the volunteer efforts. Please contact Pat to volunteer. The “suite” has been reserved.

I am not sure if there will be a meeting in August before Boxboro, but in the past there HAS been a meeting there during the event.

Continue enjoying this nice warm summer 🙂

73, Ken K3IU

CQ VHF Contest July 21 and 22
CQ VHF Contest July 21 and 22 avatar

Starts: 1800 UTC Saturday, July 21, 2012
Ends: 2100 UTC Sunday, July 22, 2012

The CQ VHF contest for 6M and 2M is coming up next weekend. Band conditions especially 2M has been extraordinary these last couple of weeks. There has been much tropo ducting activity up and down the east coast and some real good conditons towards the west and southwest with contacts exceeding 500 and 600 miles common. I plan on getting a 6M antenna up on the crankup tower this week. With a little help I will lower the 2M beam 4 feet and place the 5 element 6M beam about 7 feet above the HF yagi where I hope there will be only a slight effect on the radiation pattern.

If you don’t have a 6M antenna see what your antenna tuner can do by loading one of your HF antennas. It is surprising what will work on the magic band!

I also plan this week to continue the 15M monoband stacked antenna project on the tall tower to side mount a rotor at the 75 ft elevation. I’m looking for ground crew volunteers who would like a free lunch some nice day this week.  One or two men will work until we get the courage to raise the monobanders.

John, W1AN

Biggest HF contest of the summer: IARU HF World Championship
Biggest HF contest of the summer:  IARU HF World Championship avatar

Big multi-mode HF contest of the summer is this weekend 1200z 14 Jul – 1200z 15 Jul (just 24 hrs) as Pat NG1G mentioned in an earlier post.  Simple exch of RS(T) and ITU zone (W1 is in ITU Zone 8); work domestic and DX stns; use SSB, CW or both (mixed-mode)…have fun and make some QSOs!

Solar flux level remains quite high and sunspots have been up lately so give the bands a try.  Additional contest info can be found here:   including an ITU zone map.

73 & good contesting… Bill  W1WBB


2012 WPX RTTY Results
2012 WPX RTTY Results avatar

I’m beginning to wonder if maybe I’m the first guy to receive my paper copy of July’s CQ magazine (although Rick, KI1G already had his electronic version – makes me think I should add that to my subscription). Here are the results – I’m sorry if I miss any call signs:


W1BYH with 800,496, #6 in the #1 call area, also #1 Tribander/Single Element in the #1 call area

NA1QP (op. W1CTN) with 398,246, #10 in the #1 call area, and #4 Tribander/Single Element in the #1 call area

KA1GEU with 267,288, #13 in the #1 call area, also #6 Tribander/Single Element in the #1 call area


SOSB HP (7 mHz) – K6ND/1 with 59,664, #1 in the #1 call area

SOSB HP (21 mHz) – KN6DV/1 (op. K6ND) with 2,253,537, #1 in the #1 call area, also #1 Tribander/Single Element in the #1 call area

SOAB LP – KS1J with 101,904, #13 in the #1 call area

QRP AB – KO1H with 2,448, #1 in the #1 call area

M2 – NG1G (@W1AN) with 6,963,268, #1 NA and #8 world

Club – CTRI finished #6 in the US out of 41 clubs (and 20th in the world out of 93 total), and with only 9 entries we had a total of 10,854,589 points. The top 5 US clubs had between 15 and 47 entrants, so I’d say we did pretty darned well! We were right below the “biggies”  – PVRC, NCCC, YCCC, SMC, and FRC.

Congrats to everyone on a great CTRI showing!


Pat, NG1G

DL-DX RTTY Contest This Weekend
DL-DX RTTY Contest This Weekend avatar

For those of you who’d like to keep up with your RTTY skills, the DL-DX RTTY Contest is a fun way to do it. It’s very popular, which means lots of activity and maybe even a chance to work a rare band/mode-country. Running only 24 hours, it starts at 1100Z Saturday and ends at 1059Z Sunday.

You can check out the particulars at WA7BNM’s contest calendar web site:

I hope to hear some CTRI members this weekend!


Pat, NG1G