2012 CQWW SSB Contest Results
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Please report your contest results by adding a comment to this posting. I expect that there will be some BIG scores out there. Conditions have been very good. Even I have made about 350 phone contact. That may be a personal best on phone for me.  😆


All entries must be sent WITHIN FIVE (5) DAYS after the end of the contest. November 2, 2012 for the SSB section and November 30, 2012 for the CW section.

73, Ken K3IU

Storm Preparation
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Here we are supposedly in the middle of one of the major contests and now we have to prepare for another challenge, heavy winds, rain and likely at least a week of power outage. Yesterday Nancy and I spent a good part of the day emptying the front and back porches, securing the trash cans, loose items in the yard and shopping for supplies, and gas for the generator that may need to last a week. I still need to go out and do some more shopping, head up to the repeater site and secure things up there. This morning I climbed the tower with the newly stacked monobanders and bungied the side mounted boom of the lower beam to a tower leg, thinkiing I would a protect the rotator and stop two free spinning antennas doing damage. On the way down I taped and bungied the freely suspending cables and lines that were not secured to the tower. I think the towers on their own should survive OK, but if a falling tree hits the guys that will be disastrous. With 90+ MPH gusts from the east, trees coming down are a given. I just hope the two large trees just to the east of my tower guys hold up.

I cranked down the KT36XA to 25 feet and was wondering since the winds will be coming from the east, should the antenna be aimed toward the wind or 90 degrees to it? I think into or away from the wind is the best choice since that would put less of a buffeting load on the rotator.

How is your prepartaion going? It looks like I will be spending little time on the air this weekend. However initial tests on the stacked 15M beams show positive results with nice unsolicited comments of “Big Signal” several times.

John W1AN

CQWW DX SSB Contest info
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I highly encourage folks planning on doing any operating in this weekend’s CQWW DX SSB to check out the newly and completely revamped CQWW DX Contest website.   With a number of rule changes and clarifications this year it is worth a look.

Included are links to a recorded webinar from this past weekend by new contest director K5ZD, a new blog link with a cool world map of last year’s worldwide activity, a database of last year’s scores, a detailed FAQ page, a link to the expected contest DXpedition stations (from NG3K website), and more…all can be found here:  http://www.cqww.com/

A brief look at the webinar showed that expected band conditions this weeekend should remain quite good.  The 48-hour event starts Friday eve at 0000Z (8 pm local) and ends Sunday at 2359Z.

Most important change is a 5-day log submission deadline (with new recommended log check/submission area direct at website)…log due NLT the following Friday by 2359Z.

73 and have fun with the mics…Bill  W1WBB

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Hello everyone


I just wanted to see if I could get some discussion going on who is going to PR this Feb. I would like to have this put on the agenda for Nov meeting. I guess a couple question can be asked here:

Has anyone been in contact with Carlo’s?

Is there a list of things that certain people are bringing or think we should bring?

Who is committed on going? (a minimum of 4 people are needed) I will be going and I have a friend that will be joining the club at the next meeting and he would love to go. He’s really new to Ham Radio and wants to learn.

For those of you that are committed on going, you should continue to do research on flights. The best way to do this is to find the cheapest flight, and appoint someone to book everyone at the same time. This will make sure Carlo’s only makes one trip to the airport.

Please let me know if you are committed on going. It would be nice if you got back to me before the meeting via my email address: billc230@verizon.net

Thanks and good luck to all in the CQWWDX Contest

Bill N1HRA



CTRI Champions Rules & Leaderboard
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Shown immediately below are the Rules for the CTRI Champions Program. At the bottom of this page will be links that will allow you to view or download these rules in PDF format and the current Leaderboard in Microsoft Excel (.xls) format. If anyone has any trouble downloading these documents, please let me know.

CTRI Contest Group Champions Program

By John Lindholm, on August 15th, 2010

(Edited for current dates)

CTRI Contest Group Champions

1. Objective: The 21 major contests of the year feature a club competition. To maximize the CTRI standing amongst other clubs, the CTRI club member(s) who contributes the most points in the contest-year to the club’s credit is the CTRI Contest Group Champion. A champion will be recognized in the High Power, Low Power, and QRP categories in accordance with the specific rules which follow. Authorization for this program was by club vote at its May 23, 2009, meeting. [ed. It was subsequently reauthorized after the first year to continue the program. Also, the addition of the Tenderfoot award was authorized by the club.]

2. Scoring:

A] An individual’s submitted score will be used for “keeping score.” If at the end of the contest year there is a very close race for determining champion, then the official published scores will be used.

B] The score must be submitted to the sponsor for CTRI credit.

C] To be eligible for a champion award, at least 25% of the contests (see list) must have a submitted entry.

D] If a club member submits scores in different categories (HP, LP, QRP), his category for champion will be the highest power used unless at least 25% are in a single lower power category.

E] A member participating in a multi-operator effort gets individual credit as follows: total score divided by number of operators.

F] After each contest, a member gets credit by either posting his score on the CTRI Yahoo reflector, the CTRI Website www.wa1rr.org, or submitting the score to the official scorekeeper.

A running tally sheet (leaderboard) will be posted on the reflector periodically so that members can see individual progress and standings.

3. Contest season: The yearly contest season runs from September 1 through August 31. The following contests which have a club competition component count for champion credit:

Sep:       ARRL September VHF Contest


Oct:        CQWW SSB DX Contest

Nov:      ARRL Sweepstakes CW

ARRL Sweepstakes Phone

CQWW DX CW Contest

Dec:       ARRL 160 Meter Contest

ARRL 10 Meter Contest

Jan:        ARRL RTTY Roundup

ARRL January VHF Contest

CQWW CW 160 Meter Contest

Feb:       CQ WPX RTTY Contest

ARRL CW DX Contest

CQ SSB 160 Meter Contest

Mar:      ARRL SSB DX Contest

Russian DX Contest


May:      New England QSO Party


Jun:        ARRL June VHF Contest

Jul:         CQWW VHF Contest

4. Awards: A suitable plaque will be awarded in each of the three categories in which there are qualified entries. The plaque will indicate champions in memorium of all past CTRI Contest Group members whose keys now remain silent (SK).

5. Resolution: In the event of any dispute over the results of this program, a panel of three members selected by the President shall review the matter with its decision final.

6. The Tenderfoot Award:  This is a special category that recognizes individual effort by a club member who has made substantial progress in improving his/her contesting effort usually with somewhat less than top-of-the-line equipment or vast prior experience.  It may be a so-called “rookie” effort from someone new to contesting or from many years of dormancy from operating.  It may – but not necessarily – be someone newly licensed. Making due with basic equipment and wire antennae are often the sign of a potential Tenderfoot winner.  There is no minimum number of contests to be entered. The winner is selected on the subjective judgment of a panel of club officers, and is only awarded when one is found truly worthy.  An individual can win this only once and cannot repeat in subsequent years.

CTRI Champions Rules

CTRI Champions Leaderboard


K1SD JARTS WW RTTY Contest avatar


Call: K1SD

Class: Single Op HP

QTH: Rhode Island


Band  QSOs  Pts  Mults


80:   3     7     3

40:   6    16     5

20:  11    26     8

15:  10    24     8

10:  24    68    13


Total:  54   141    37  Total Score = 5,217

Club: CT RI Contest Group


I just wanted to get on all bands and run a little power, mostly to check out the station. I ran the K3 at 10-15 watts; the Titan was abt 500-700 w output.  Previous high power efforts would light the house with RF: CO2 alarm blasting in the middle of the night is not fun.  This time only the touch table lamps would cycle on and off; just un-screwed the bulb.  Good openings into Asia.  / 73 / K1SD /


K1SD Makrothen Contest
K1SD Makrothen Contest avatar

Makrothen DX RTTY Contest

Start Date : 2012-10-13

CallSign Used : K1SD
Operator(s) : K1SD

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
Band : ALL
Power : HIGH
Mode : RTTY
Default Exchange : FN41
Gridsquare : FN41GP

State : Rhode Island
Country : USA

Club/Team : CTRI Contest Group
Software : N1MM Logger V12.9.2

Band   QSOs       Pts
3.5       17       32692
7       58       277624
14      54       249890
21    140       815056
28      28       168110

Total   297     1543372

Score : 1,543,372

This is a fun contest I just discovered a week before the contest. Simple rules: strictly a DX contest; you exchange grid square only; score based totally on distance between grid squares, worldwide.  Good timing format: 8hrs on, 8hrs off, 8 on, 8 off and 8 on again.  Good participation.  Not many contests where a very casual operation yields over a million points!

ARRL September VHF Contest
ARRL September VHF Contest avatar

Good morning:

Did anyone participate in and submit a score for this contest?? That was the first contest in the Champions competition. I am trying to get the 2012-2013 CTRI Champions Leaderboard spreadsheet up to date and can not find any indication that any club members participated.

If you participated and submitted a score, please Leave a Reply below with your score.


Ken K3IU
Keeper of the Leaderboard

outstanding HF band condx now!
outstanding HF band condx now! avatar

Propagation on the HF bands has been *great* these past 24 hrs…best I’ve heard in some time.  JAs loud on 10m and 12m this eve and yesterday.  Europe very loud on 10/12/15m today.  China and XX9 DXped heard longpath on 10m this morn not long after our S/R; so was the T30 DXped heard LP (beaming east!) into W. Pac. this A.M.

3B9SP on Rodriguez Is. (DXped) in Indian Ocean has been *loud* here.   3B9, T30, 5W1, FK8, C5 among a few of the rarer ones in the log with 100w and the Hexbeam here…and I’ve been out much of today.

With the solar flux just above 150, sunspot # about 110 and geomagnetic condx quiet expect more very good worldwide condx tonight/tomorrow at least.  Good luck and good DX!


73,  Bill  W1WBB

Meeting starting times
Meeting starting times avatar


     What’s the history behind starting our Saturday meetings at 11:00 A.M.?  I’m just looking for information, since I have not been around that long (still a new guy).  Thanks for the input.

73, Mike, K1DM, CTRI Contest Group President

Coax from Radio to Antenna Downpoint
Mike Visich



New Guy Question:  I have dug up my backyard and installed 1.5″ conduit from my basement to my storage shed where the grounding rod & surge protector connecting to a wire antenna will live.  I installed the conduit thinking of expansion for other cables, control wires, etc.  Or at least that what I tell myself…


Anyway, this is approximately a 100′ run of coax.  I was thinking of buying a DXE-400MAX pre-made cable from DX Engineering.  Yet I walked away from the September meeting thinking the people in the club preferred 213U coax.  And do people buy pre-made cable of terminate them themselves?


The New Guy just looking for knowledge.  This is my FIRST coax so I’d like to buy the best stuff.  The costs between the 400 & 213 are about zero.  Is one more flexible than the other – there are a few 90 degree conduit turns.  I figure I’d use 8X from the surge protector to the wire antenna.


Thanks,  Mike


Election Results 2012-2013 term
Election Results 2012-2013 term avatar

At Saturday’s club meeting at the home of K1SD the annual election of officers was held. There were no speeches or attack adds, just a unanimous election of the current officers to serve another one year term. Hmmm… sounds like a rigged election, but what else would one expect of an election held in Rhode Island?  🙂

The officers elected for the 2012-2013 term are:

President – Mike McKuaghan, K1DM
Vice Pres – Ken Wagner, K3IU
Secretary – Ed Haskell, W1PN
Treasurer – Chuck Newman, KA1CQR
Contest Manager – Bill Bliss, W1WBB