CQWW WPX SSB ‘test is this weekend Mar 30-31!
CQWW WPX SSB ‘test is this weekend Mar 30-31! avatar

The CQWW WPX Contests have grown in recent years to become some of the most popular worldwide contests.  The  48 hour SSB version takes place this weekend and the bands will be full of domestic and international stations.  Unlike ARRL DX and CQWW DX the WPX contests also provide points for domestic contacts so other U.S. stations can be worked for points (and their many prefixes counted) by us.

See the rules at the CQWW WPX website for the *many* operating categories (by power, assisted or unassisted, single band or all-band, single op or multi-op… and the ‘tribander/wires’ as well as ‘Rookie’ {licensed 3 yrs or less} overlay categories!) , scoring details (more points for low band contacts on 40, 80 and 160m) etc.  Note: Off-times must be a full 60 mins, logs are due NLT 5 days after the contest, and LP output pwr is 100 watts amongst other contest-specific rules… go to:   www.cqwpx.com

Callsign prefixes are the sole multiplier — so many rare and unusual calls will be heard, provide an abundance of contest multipliers throughout the weekend and help contribute to an exponentially growing final scoring total which makes for a lot of fun.  The many available prefixes also count towards the various WPX awards available through CQ magazine and which are now  tracked as part of ARRL’s Logbook of the World  electronic QSL tracking system.

The solar flux is expected to slowly increase thru this weekend and lowband conditions should improve as the geomagnetic indices decrease each night.

A record 5300 + logs were submitted for the 2012 CQWW WPX event and well over 1700 unique prefixes were available so the HF bands WILL be busy this weekend.  So check that microphone out, verify your logging software is up-to-date and then make some QSOs this Saturday and Sunday.

Good luck in the contest…73,  Bill  W1WBB


Greetings from AZ..
Greetings from AZ.. avatar

Hope all is well in CTRI land…  will be heading East in mid May

timeframe.  Does anyone plan on a Multi op effort for WPX CW weekend in May

OR want their station to be activated that weekend??  I’m REALLY into contesting

CW.  Let me know so we can plan.  Hope to work some of you guys this

weekend, we use callsign AK7AZ will be M-2

(hope ur winter ends soooon!!)  Later Foster N3KCJ


CTRI Gin Pole
CTRI Gin Pole avatar


I wanted to let the Group know that I have the CTRI Gin Pole as well as the bag of 1/2″ rope.

Pat NG1G came by Saturday to deliver them and got a quick look at the outdoor layout for the upgraded tower.

73 James K1SD


572B Tubes
572B Tubes avatar

Bill N1HRA is looking for a pair of 572b tubes.  The amp is for sale on eBay, end when going to wrap the tubes for transport, 2 of them are shot.  If anyone has some for sale, please let him know.  Thanks


Jay kb1lcq

Please help
Please help avatar

I am still receiving QSL cards for Special Events other than ours from the NEQP last year. On qrz.com there are still quite a few of the 1×1 call signs we used that reflect me as the QSL manager, which in part explains why I am still getting such cards sent to me.

If you obtained a 1×1 call sign and have not done so already, PLEASE go to qrz.com, sign in, and contact the Help Desk to have our information deleted from the call sign’s database. It seems that many people simply pay no attention to the QSL information on the page and just send me a card. It’s only a nuisance, but one that can be fixed in a few minutes.

I’d very much appreciate those of you who have not already done so taking a few minutes to rectify this.


Pat, NG1G

MOTRAC Key avatar

If anyone has a need for a Motrac  key, please let me know and I’ll send you one. If you don’t know what a Motrac key is, then you probably don’t have a need for one. 🙂 🙂

73, Ken K3IU