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Hi all,

Hope everyone is surviving the summer heat, keep in mind that CQWW RTTY is 2 months away. I am considering a M/2 from my place to give the W1AN team some competition. Looking for operators, if interested let me know. If there is not enough interest I will SOA once again.


Rick KI1G

EL84 Now on 6
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The K4N grid-pedition to rare EL84 is now on 6 meters 50.165.  Location is the Dry Tortugas the western end of the Florida keys approachable only by boat.  They are expected to be on through 10 AM local Monday Jul 15.  I worked ’em this morning with a good signal but in and out.  If you hear Florida stations chances are they will be workable.  GL!  73! — John, W1XX 

WRTC14 Station Test 7/12/2013
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I’m going to participate in the WRTC14 Station Test this weekend during the IARU Contest.  I’ll be part of a Beam Team activating 2 stations at the Mansfield, MA, Airport site.

The Beam Team will assemble the antenna and 40′ of Rohn 25G tower, afix the antenna to the prone tower and erect and secure them.  We’ll start Friday 7/12/2013 about 0900 and finish when the 2 stations are done.  Sunday morning 7/14/2013, after the contest ends, we’ll do the reverse.

I’d love to have a couple of CTRI members join me.  If interested, give me a call or drop me an email.

73 James K1SD         jms_k1sd@verizon.net

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