CTRI Meeting Saturday @ W1XX
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The CTRI Meeting this Saturday, August 10 at 10 AM, is ON.  As usual there is a little work-party catch.  But only a little.  I had hoped to have the 160 vertical ready for this meeting with the all hands on deck approach.  But not so.  Instead. only the 80 meter vertical will be ready for hoisting which takes only about 4 people.  So if a few could get here maybe 20 minutes early we can get the job done in jiffy time:  2 crankers, 1 heavy duty lifter preferably tall (hint hint!), and 1 spotter.  Perhaps we can have the September meeting here for the 160 vertical.  Anyway, the NEW 40 M Yagi, and the homebrew 18/24 MHz duobander on the tower may be of some interest to viewers.  On the agenda, I can speak to the W1AW/x centennial operations.

Address:  48 Shannock Road, South Kingstown.  Tel if you get lost:  401-783-1588.  If approaching on  Rte 1 heading North, take the turn-around after Green Hill Beach Rd  exit in the left lane marked:  “Post Rd Perryville.”  Backtrack 1 mile to RIGHT on Shannock Rd.  3rd driveway on left. Heading south on Rte 1 look  for Shannock Rd RIGHT after all Wakefield, Moonstone Bach, and Perryville signs.  3rd driveway on Left.

Antenna will block the top of driveway so limited parking near top, 1/2 way point, on Shannock Rd next to mailboxes and across the road on Shannock Road.

Eats:  usual hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill on the deck. Please respond to this message to indicate that you expect to be coming.  TNX & 73!!

Your host, John, W1XX

FINAL CTRI Champions Leaderboard 2012-2013
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This is the FINAL update of the CTRI Champions Leaderboard for the 2012-2013 contest season. The link following is to a Microsoft Excel (97-2003) spreadsheet. You should be able to download it by clicking on the link.

CTRI Champions Leaderboard FInal 2012-2013

The rules for the competition which have been approved by the membership can be seen at the following link. You might want to review the listing of contest and begin making plans for the 2013-2014 season.

CTRI Champions Rules & Leaderboard

73, Ken K3IU, Keeper of the Leaderboard

NAQP CW Contest
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I spent a little bit of time (2+50 according to N1MM) yesterday playing in the NAQP CW contest. The big band seemed to be 15… at least for me. Virtually all S&P. Made a few Qs on 10 and last evening I made those on 40 in about 15 minutes before testing my pillow. I didn’t hear any other RI stations on and people sure were glad to hear a RI station.

Here are my results…

 Band    QSOs     Pts  Sec
    7      37      37   21    0
   14      47      47   27    0
   21      80      80   27    1
   28       4       4    4    0
 Total    168     168   79    1

 Score : 13,440