CQ 160 SSB Starts Today Friday at 2200Z
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Contest starts at 5:00PM local time until 2200Z Sunday.  Work everybody. Exchange is US states and Canadian provinces and zones for DX. I’ve got my QRN level down to S5/6 from 10db over S9 just a few minutes ago after my horse farm trip so I’m ready to go. Hope to work you!

73, John W1AN

CTRI Meeting Schedule
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The 2016 CTRI Meeting Schedule:

March 12 1000-1230 North Kingstown Free Library, Lower Level Conf Rm (TEN people MAX)

April 9 1000-1300 NK Library, Upper Conf Rm

May 14 1000-1300 NK Library, Upper Conf Rm

June 18 1000-1300 NK Library, Upper Conf Rm

73 James K1SD


Halleluyah: New Photos
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Halleluyah!  There are new photos on the website masthead.  Looks great!  I presume we have John, W1AN to thank…unless it’s by remote control de OK.  Also, I was able to post without entering my password.  Think that’s different…hopefully a sign that access to the website is easier to locate for recruitment of new members.  Speaking of which:  anybody know AA1AC in Newport?  Worked him on CW this past weekend on 80M in the contest.  One more thing on the masthead…suppose we need to graphically change the club call-sign to KE1S.  Also, if John is willing, how about a big time ARRL DX Phone Contest  multi-2 effort by a large contingent of club members?  Out. — John, W1XX

CQ WPX RTTY this Weekend!!!
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Don’t forget the WPX RTTY contest. Conditions should be favorable. I’ll have the stations setup for a M2 this weekend and there will be plenty of chair time available. Permission has been granted for us here to use the NW1E call.  And don’t forget that the clubs new call KE1S may be available. As far as I know it has not yet been reserved for use this weekend! Get on the air and make some noise!

73, John W1AN

Congrats W1XX W1AN
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Just got my January CQ mag where the results for the 2015 CQWW VHF Contest were posted.

John W1XX (3rd ) and John W1AN (2nd) for USA all band standings!

Congrats to both for a great showing!!

Jim KS1J

ARRL Strategic Plan
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Hi Jim,

The only thing in the League’s newly adopted Strategic Plan that might remotely pertain to the Youth Initiative is the 1st goal:

  • Grow Amateur Radio worldwide.

Except for this broad goal, the League doesn’t seem to be addressing targeting Youth.

73 James K1SD

ARRL Board Adopts New Strategic Plan

The ARRL Board of Directors has adopted an updated Strategic Plan that defines the League’s vision and guides its direction over the next 5 years. ARRL COO Harold Kramer, WJ1B, a member of the Strategic Planning Working Group, said the revised plan represents more than 8 months of work on the part of the group’s seven members. Now-Honorary ARRL Vice President Jim Fenstermaker, K9JF, chaired the panel, which met some 2 dozen times, mostly via webinar. Kramer said input to the Strategic Plan was considerable and comprehensive.

The ARRL Board of Directors adopted a new Strategic Plan when it met for its Annual Meeting in mid-January. [Rick Lindquist, WW1ME, photo]

"It will let the members know what to expect from their association," he said. Kramer stressed that the updated plan "was not developed in a vacuum" but includes survey input from ARRL members, the Board of Directors, the Field Organization, advertisers, Headquarters staff, and similar strategic plans. "We really tried to take into account what all of these different constituencies thought were the main issues, concerns, and direction of the League for the future," he added.

When it adopted the Strategic Plan at its Annual Meeting in mid-January, the Board said in its resolution, "Further, the ARRL Board recognizes the Strategic Plan presented is the beginning of a more formal process for the ARRL and requires establishing priorities, resources, monitoring, review and modification and/or addition of goals, initiatives, and tactics supporting the Strategic Plan as future conditions and the environment change."

Kramer said the Strategic Plan’s mission statement — To advance the art, science, and enjoyment of Amateur Radio — describes "what we are supposed to do as an association," while its vision statement spells out "what we want to be."

The meat of the plan is its six strategic goals, each of which includes a list of initiatives to further differentiate those goals. The goals are:

  • Grow Amateur Radio worldwide.
  • Increase the vitality of Amateur Radio.
  • Keep Amateur Radio accessible to all.
  • Advance Amateur Radio science and technology.
  • Organize and train volunteers to serve their communities by providing public service and emergency communications.
  • Practice good governance and organizational management.

"Tactics will be developed to define what must be done to support the goals and initiatives, as well as to prioritize activities and programs for development," Fenstermaker explained. "ARRL management is responsible for implementing and managing the process with the Board of Directors’ oversight."

As the Strategic Plan states in its Preamble, "This plan is a starting point to assure that ARRL continues its leading role in the Amateur Radio community."

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A little more background on todays discussion.

Here is my original email to Bob on the subject. (I replied to the wrong email and subsequently sent it direct to him).

Note this was in response to the following email Bob had sent to his list of RI hams. (So you CT guys didn’t get it). It was *not* a Division meeting but a prep meeting for the semi-annual Board of Directors meeting.


I am planning to attend the New England Cabinet meeting in Springfield on

January 9th. Our Director, Tom K1KI typically holds an all-day meeting a

week before the regular semi-annual ARRL Board of Directors meeting. Tom

invites all New England Section Managers and ARRL affiliated club Presidents

in addition to other division leaders. At the Cabinet meeting, participants

may bring up timely topics to discuss and possibly move K1KI to bring them

to the Board’s attention. Do you have issues that you would like me to bring

to the meeting? Please e mail your suggestions and questions to me at

w1yrc ASAP.

I promised you a short Activity Report this month and I intend to keep my

promise. Sincere wishes from your ARRL staff workers for a wonderful

Christmas and happy, healthy and DX filled New Year. Thank you for your

support this year. I’m hoping for more of it in 2016. See you next year….


Surviving the Snow & Meeting
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We’ve “only” gotten 5 – 6″ in East Greenwich, but it’s still snowing, albeit lightly.  The worst should be over around here.  They’ve been plowing my street regularly and it is reasonably passable; driveway’s not though.  The snow is “supposed” to be less further south of here.  I’ll wait to see if I can get out in the morning.

If we want to cancel, so be it.  It will be tough to reschedule though since we are booked with Championship Contests every Saturday until our next scheduled meeting at the NK Library on March 12.

73 James K1SD

Snow Storm Results???
Snow Storm Results??? avatar

I don’t know how you all are making out.  It’s still snowing here in Salem, CT.  I have already surpassed 12 inches.  At this point, I am less than optimistic that I will get out of the driveway in time for the meeting on Saturday morning.  As long as I have power, I will be able to communicate via the internet!

More to follow.  Mike, K1DM