Boxboro 2016
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Boxboro 2016!
September 9, 10 & 11
Tickets Now On Sale

The Boxboro convention committee announces that tickets for the 2016 convention are now on sale. You can purchase general admission tickets ($15) in-store at:

Ham Radio Outlet, 224 N. Broadway D12, Salem, NH, (off of I-93 between exits 2 or 3) Electronics Plus, 480 King St, Littleton, MA. (off of I-495 exit 30)

Ticket also available online at
General Admission $15 (good for the entire convention) Flea Spaces $10 (good for the entire convention)
Friday DX/Contest Dinner $40 ea or 8/$280
Saturday Grand Banquet $40 ea or 8/$280 Special Convention package: General Admission + Friday Dinner + Saturday Banquet $90

Free Grounding Braid
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I have 6 rolls of braid, from 30 to 40 foot lengths, free to a good home! Anyone need to make grounding straps, jumpers, bond your hood, trunk lid, or exhaust system to the frame of your vehicle, etc? How about new straps for your shack or tower legs? I can bring it to one of the next meetings for pickup.

Call or text me at 401-369-1445 if you’re interested.

73 de KB1LN Bob in Middletown RI

2015-2016 CTRI Champions Leaderboard – 3/10/2016
2015-2016 CTRI Champions Leaderboard – 3/10/2016 avatar

The CTRI Champions Competition Leaderboard is now available with reported results through the ARRL DX Phone contest. Don’t forget that we are using a handicapping system and show both the Raw Score as well as the handicapped score. To learn more about the handicapping, see this posting on the club website…

You may view or download the new leaderboard spreadsheet by clicking on the link below. It is a Microsoft Excel 97-2003 format spreadsheet.


73, Ken K3IU
Keeper of the Leaderboard

Plaque Sponsorship
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A suggested agenda item for discussion and action: Plaque Sponsorship

I’ve had some correspondence with Bart W9JJ ARRL Contest Branch Manager. He’s provided me with a fairly comprehensive list of currently un-sponsored plaques for 2016 ARRL RTTY and 2016 ARRL DX (CW and SSB). Of the categories that are available:

– 2016 ARRL RTTY. I recommend we sponsor the plaque for NE Division Single Operator High Power. Second choice would be NE Division Multioperator Low Power.

– 2016 ARRL DX. I recommend North America Single Operator High Power Phone. Second choice North America Multi-multi Phone. Third: NA SO LP CW.

I’ve some data on 2016 SS but not enough to make a recommendation.

73 James K1SD

p.s. Bart W9JJ sends his best personal regards to Johns XX and AN.

2016 ARRL DX Phone Contest Results
2016 ARRL DX Phone Contest Results avatar

Please post your results for this contest here by commenting/replying to this posting.

A late postscript….. I plan to have the updated Leaderboard posted before the meeting on Saturday, so please post your results here by Friday evening. Thanks…

Ken K3IU
Keeper of the CTRI Champions Leaderboard

ARRL DX Phone Contest this Weekend
ARRL DX Phone Contest this Weekend avatar

It has been a busy season, but another activity fast  approaching is the ARRL DX phone contest. This is the one where all the DX wants to work you! I plan on opening up the station here with the possibility of a Multi-2. In any event please post your plans here and get on the air! Make some point for the club and add to your DXCC totals.

73, John W1AN

CTRI March 2016 Meeting Agenda
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I am preparing the agenda for the upcoming meeting.  If you have items you would like to include, please send them to me via e-mail, or post them as comments to this post.  I will collect everything into one post so it’s there for all to see.

Mike, K1DM, President.

Here’s a cut at the agenda items I’ve come up with:

Agenda for 12 March 2016 CTRI Meeting

Reports:       Minutes (Notes by KS1J – thanks, Jim)

Old Business:     National Parks On the Air Update
                                 Plaques sponsorship report (What has been added this month?)
                                 Youth involvement in Amateur Radio – letter to ARRL
                                 Resolution of the club at its termination

New Business:    Field Day 2016 – if we’re gonna do it, let’s make it official
                                  Letter of thanks to W1PN for his years of service
                                  Annual report for 501(c) 3

There was some question as to whether the club incorporation had been completed.  W1AN found a link that verified that the club is now incorporated.  We will have to make some changes to that document now that Ed moved west.

We also need to modify trustee for KE1S.

This looks like enough to keep the meeting going to well past dark!

Mike, K1DM

KA1GEU Plaque by CTRI?
KA1GEU Plaque by CTRI? avatar


I’ve been thinking about the CTRI Plaque Sponsorship effort. At one point, I believe we said we should consider sponsoring a plaque(s) in Memory of Chris Seeber KA1GEU (SK).

I thought I would get started on just one for now. If we like it: OK. If not, we don’t do it again.

Anyone know Chris’ favorite mode or contest? Any suggestions?

73 James K1SD

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