CQ WPX CW This weekend at W1AN
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The station will be open for the upcoming CQ WPX CW. Looking for operators! Will look at doing a Multi-2 if we can scare enough ops out of the bushes. Let me know! This is a work everybody contest, stateside and DX. Should be fun! Get on the air any way you can!

73, John W1AN

14 May 2016 meeting
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I have heard from the following individuals who are planning to attend tomorrow’s meeting at the Library around 10:00 AM:  W1YRC, K1SD, KS1J, W1AN, K1DM, W1XX, W1WBB.  All are welcome.  Hope to see you there.  We still have a few items that need attention dealing with Ed, W1PN’s move west, club non-profit status, field day 2016, etc.

I was out of town for a few days, so I’m a bit behind on publishing this information.

Congrats to Molly on passing her Technician’s license Exam.  Welcome to the wonderful world of Amateur Radio.  We’ll have to talk about Kid’s Day in June.  I am planning on getting a bunch of (Delaware) Cub Scouts onto the radio that day!

73, Mike, K1DM, President

ctricg CTRI Meeting Saturday 14 May
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I’ll bring some home made choc-chip pecan cookies.
73, Bob W1YRC

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Subject: [ctricg] CTRI Meeting Saturday 14 May


I haven’t seen a Request of Attendees (RoA) for tomorrow’s meeting.

I’m planning to attend and can present a Contest Manager’s Report (CMR).

Unless someone else is bringing coffee, I can.

73 James K1SD


2015-2016 CTRI Champions Leaderboard – 5/13/2016
2015-2016 CTRI Champions Leaderboard – 5/13/2016 avatar

The CTRI Champions Competition Leaderboard is now available with reported results through the New England QSO Party. Don’t forget that we are using a handicapping system and show both the Raw Score as well as the handicapped score. To learn more about the handicapping, see this posting on the club website…


You may view or download the new leaderboard spreadsheet by clicking on the link below. It is a Microsoft Excel 97-2003 format spreadsheet.


73, Ken K3IU
Keeper of the Leaderboard

New Junior Op
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We have a new junior op. Molly passed her Technician test today! It will be about two weeks before she gets her call and license. For the time being she will be operating from KS1J. If I were to guess, I think it will be mostly CW. Hmmm, I wonder how long before she gets her General and I can set up a multi-op!


Jim KS1J

CTRI Meeting Schedule and Contest Notes
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Man. I’ve been having trouble sending emails and web posts for weeks. And it continues….

The meeting for May is NEXT Saturday the 14th.

Sorry to all of you who showed up today expecting coffee and doughnuts.

From: James Setzler [mailto:jms_k1sd] Sent: Friday, May 06, 2016 5:29 PM
To: Bill Bliss W1WBB (wbliss1); Bob Beatty WB4SON (WB4SON); Bob Beaudet W1YRC (w1yrc); CTRI Web Post (WA1RR) (wigu720fiqu); CTRI Reflector (ctricg); Ed Haskell; Jim Bowman; John Lindholm; JOHN MILLS K1JSM; ko1h; John Spigel W1AN (jms); K3IU Ken Wagner (kenk3iu); Chuck Newman, KA1CQR (ka1cqr); KB1LN; KI1G Rick; Mike McKaughan K1DM (k1dm.dr.michael); Mike Visich KB1RFJ (visich4zoo); Pat Atwood NG1G (patrickatwood); w1ly
Subject: CTRI Meeting Schedule and Contest Notes

Meetings are generally held on Saturdays from 1000-1300 in the Large Conference Room on the Upper Level of the North Kingstown Free Library, 100 Boone St., North Kingstown, RI 02852. At times the meetings are in the Small Conference on the Lower Level. www.nklibrary.org

Meeting dates for the remainder of the year:

14 May Upper Level

18 June Upper Level

23 July Upper Level

13 August Upper Level

3 September Lower Level

1 October Lower Level

12 November Lower Level

NEQP This Weekend, May 7 – 8
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The New England QSO Party is probably the contest most supported by CTRI thru the years.  We have had an iron grip on the New England club plaque…and we should not take it for granted. Some upstart club could try to wrestle it away from us.  What’s the message?  Get your station on the air this weekend.  We actually have some of the more rare counties that folks will be looking for….Bristol, Newport, Washington.

Speaking of rare counties.  In last year’s NEQP something strange happened.  There was a New England county not QRV….Dukes County Massachusetts a.k.a. Martha’s Vineyard.   Heavens to mergatrude!  That hasn’t happened since the year one.  The proverbial portable HAMCOW station, W1ACT, has been retired to pasture.  Tom K1KI has been pleading for someone to respond to this dilemma.

The call has been answered by CTRI.  W1AN, W1XX, along with K1XA have after endless e-mails and phone calls coordinated with the Vineyard Amateur Radio Assn. to activate a portable station (W1DX) in Vineyard Haven.  We will be catching an early morning ferry in Woods Hole  on Sunday morning with radio, computer, antennas, etc. W1DX should be QRV around 9:30 AM Sunday morning returning Sunday evening. Look for us primarily on 20 or 40 meters.

The most sensible feature of NEQP is that there is an off time from 1 AM – 9 AM Sunday.  This allows sleep time.  Check neqp dot org for details and to “reserve your county.”  A host of CTRI’ers have already indicated their intentions.  Don’t miss this really fun contest and the opportunity to help the CTRI club score.  GL!!  — John, W1XX