CTRI Meeting April 15
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The CTRI monthly meeting is Saturday, April 15, at the North Kingstown Free Library at 10 AM. Agenda includes:  [1]  NEQP.  [2] Field Day.  I got a call from Jim Crawford, our benefactor at Skyscrapers, and he wanted to know if we were operating Field Day there again this year. We are very much welcome.  So we need to decide yes or no at this meeting. [3] Any matters arising.

It would be nice if someone would volunteer to provide the DD Box of Joe and donuts.  If so, please post as comments.

Our esteemed prez is off to Washington on assignment for the Trump administration, so I will be your substitute commander-in-chief.

73, John, 1XX

2016 NEQP Results Are Posted
2016 NEQP Results Are Posted avatar

The 2016 New England QSO Party results are now posted on NEQP [DOT] org.  The good news is that CTRI again topped the New England clubs.  The bad news is that we eked out the victory by a mere 339 points with 189,603 points over the Hampden County Radio Assn.  Can you believe it?  We — who hold the club record of over 1.5 million points in 2011 —  almost lost to the HCRA.  What a disgrace!

I suggest tbat we discuss CTRI participation in the 2017 NEQP (May 6 – 7) at our next meeting.  Hey, conditions were terrible in the 2016 contest, but we can do much better. What say?  — John, W1XX