Contest Manager’s Report
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Greetings Fellow Contesters,

There’s not been much major contest activity lately; but you can usually find some kind of test to play in. Hawaii QSO Party, NAQP SSB, WAE DX CW, SARTG RTTY have been recent. If anyone has put in some efforts that you want to share, please do.

Upcoming events: Boxboro of course. Sept 8, 9, 10. Who has some definite plans to go? Let us know so’s we can maybe congregate all together like.

The following week: Sept 16, CTRI Meeting 10am, North Kingstown Library.

September 23 – 24: CQ WW RTTY DX Contest. Who has plans to operate? What class? Need operators?

73 James K1SD

Minutes” Summary of August 12 Meeting
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Attendees:  W1AN (TNX John for coffee/muffins), K1DM, W1XX (in the chair), K1HSY, K1ECU, K3IU, WB2VVV, K1JSM, K1PAD, K1SD, NG1G (late, no penalty), forget anyone?

Treasurers report de KB1RFJ via NG1G and W1XX.  Still solvent.  Mike was clearing the way for his tower project with a rules change at his homeowners meeting.

Contest Manager’s report de K1DS.  Slow summer time, but picking up soon.

Votes were taken to catch up on the membership status of several more recent attendees, namely Dean, K1HSY, Charles, K1ECU, Chris, WB2VVV, and Rick, K1PAD…the latter having a summer residence at the unpronounceable village of “Quonnie” in Charlestown.  After  successfully executing the secret handshake, all were welcomed into the “official” CTRI family.  Also not sure of past action or inaction, Ernest, N1EYE, was confirmed as a member.  Congratulations all.

The upcoming Solar Eclipse QSO Party, August 21,  was discussed. See August QST for details.

Highlight of the meeting, John, K1JSM gave a detailed report on the status of the new website, ctri [dot] club, now running in parallel with the old website.  Most members have already been registered for access by John who provided details on access.  This has been followed up by an e-mail to all as to access procedure.  Any problems  incurred can be straightened out by John with an email to k1jsm [AT] arrl [DOT] net. A rousing round of applause was given to John on the Herculean efforts on this project.

W1XX gave a shameless plug for antenna raising help at the September 16 meeting at his QTH in South Kingstown…with an early 9:30 AM arrival prior to the meeting.  Bribery includes hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill.  Details to follow.

Apologies for any omissions…written from memory.  Respectfully. — John, W1XX

Solar Eclipse QSO Party – Aug 21
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The Solar Eclipse QSO Party on August 21 runs from 1400 until 2200 UTC. Stations will exchange a signal report and six-character grid locator on 160 through 6 meters (excepting 60, 30, 17, and 12 meters). Participants may work the same station again after 10 minutes have passed. Preferred modes are CW, RTTY, and PSK31, because automated receiving networks will record the contacts, but phone and digital contacts are okay too.

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