NEW FEATURES on the CTRI.Club web site
NEW FEATURES on the CTRI.Club web site avatar

NEW FEATURES on the CTRI.Club web site

1. All members can now edit their own posts.

2. A password protected Member Directory has been added to the menu at the top.

When the directory page is open:

Enter a name or call in the Search box at the top.

You can sort the directory by call, first name, last name, or email address by clicking on the small black triangles in the column heading.

If your phone number is blank its because you did not enter it in your profile.

If you do not want your data in this directory, send me an email message or add a comment to this post.

3. A link to the CRTI facebook page has been added in the column on the right. Page down to see it.

CQ WW SSB Coming Up this Weekend
CQ WW SSB Coming Up this Weekend avatar

The 2017 CQ World-Wide DX Contest

SSB: October 28-29      CW: November 25-26

Starts 00:00:00 UTC Saturday    Ends 23:59:59 UTC Sunday

I. OBJECTIVE: For amateurs around the world to contact as many other amateurs in as many CQ zones and countries as possible.

II. BANDS: Six bands only: 1.8, 3.5, 7, 14, 21 and 28 MHz. Observance of established band plans is strongly encouraged.

III. CONTEST EXCHANGE: SSB: RS report plus CQ Zone number of the station location (e.g., 59 05). CW: RST report plus CQ Zone (e.g., 599 05).

The station here in Ledyard CT will be open for operators. Two stations will be available. Please communicate your preferred times. Bring any special snacks, drinks and food items you may need.  toothbrush, meds, etc.  We will have the usual breakfast lunch and dinner items.

73, John W1AN

FoldingAntennas[DOT]com avatar

The 3C0L DX-pedition to Annobon has been fun chasing the past few days.  It’s pretty rare DX with big pileups.  Big signal last night on 160. Just worked ’em on 12 meter CW….nice signal.  Turns out to be just two Latvian ops who are doing a great job under somewhat difficult circumstances.  A power supply and one of their K3s blew up.

Since they have no internet, you can’t confirm QSOs on line thru ClubLog.  So I looked up their website and found a link describing their 20-meter-and-up antenna on FoldingAntennas[DOT]com.  It’s a version of the Hexbeam that looks quite interesting and could be of interest to club members looking for an alternative to a tower/Yagi installation.

When you go to the website, hit “translate” from German…although the translation is a bit like Sgt. Schultz.  Hit “design” for a detailed description.  Although, primarily designed for quick portable installation, it could be fixed as well.  Collapsed, it folds into a 45 inch long nylon bag which reminds me of our two folding chairs that the wife and I take to free outdoor summer concerts.

Anyone interested in pursuing this further and maybe even buying one?  Any opinions or thoughts on the design? Actually, this could be a great Field Day antenna.  Should the club buy one?  The basic price delivered to North America is $500 (no VAT).  There is a long list of various optional parts separately priced.   All things considered , that’s not a bad price.

Any takers?  Comments please.

Ready for the upcoming contest season?
Ready for the upcoming contest season? avatar

Take a look at this great presentation by K9LA and W3LPL. If you don’t have time to watch the full presentation you can fast forward to 9 minutes when Frank, W3LPL starts his band-by-band forecast.


Another great resource is the VOACAP site, just plug in your location and antennas and you will get a great idea which band will be open when.


Lars, KE1J

Upcoming Contest Participation
Upcoming Contest Participation avatar

I‘ve always maintained that the most important club office is that of Contest Manager; Kudos to James, K1SD, who has effectively prodded CTRI participation in the recent past.  Since no one was elected CM at the most recent meeting, I suggest that we all become club “contest managers” and encourage contest participation with web postings of your favorite activities. Here’s my take on that.

Our next immediate contest coming up is the CQ World-Wide SSB DX Contest the last weekend of the month.  This is a biggee.  Lots of options:  all band, single band, high low or QRP power, assisted or not, classic,  rookie, etc.  Pick a category and go to it for as many hours as you wish. Exchange is “59 5” (we are in zone 5).

Looking ahead to November, here’s another idea.  Historically, the club has from time to time made a special concerted effort to maximize our club aggregate score.  Remember “one million or bust” in the New England QSO Party?  Special 1 X 1 call-signs in the NEQP?  A mighty 10 meter contest effort?  All highly successful club ventures.

Our club membership has increased in recent months. Some are newcomers to radio contesting.  What upcoming contest could we consider for a concerted effort by all?  I suggest the ARRL November Sweepstakes:  CW Nov. 4 – 5 and SSB Nov. 18 -19.  Why?  It’s a domestic contest, USA and Canada, so a big station is not required.  A dipole at 40 feet is just what the doctor ordered.

Commencing in 1930, SS is the grand-daddy of all contests with an exchange patterned after  the preamble of message traffic….the basis upon which the ARRL was founded!  True, everyone is not conversant in “the code.”  That’s OK.  There is an SSB weekend. This has been my favorite contest for some 50+ years.  It is ideal for newcomers with modest stations.

Here’s how CTRI has done in recent Sweepstakes contests.

2016:  8 entries for 597,756 points

2015:  10 entries for 603,022 points

2014:  10 entries for 755,662 points

2013:  10 entries for 1,060,126 points

   Clearly, we have been going down-hill.  With increased emphasis on a greater number of participants and perseverance, we could do much better. How about “2 million points or bust” as a battle cry?  What a great way to get our newer members — along with our stalwarts — to  contribute to our club’s overall success.  Apathy is not an option. See page 96 October QST for details.

I invite comment here with discussion at the October 14 meeting.




YCCC Contest University
Mike Visich

We are invited!!   I have gone to this before and learned a lot.  I will be there on the 18th.


Yankee Clipper Contest Club is pleased to announce a Contest University


CONTEST UNIVERSITY – Wednesday Oct 18 @ N1RR

Professors: Randy Thompson – K5ZD

Dennis Egan – W1UE

Charlie Morrison – N1RR

Wednesday,October 18  6PM @ N1RR – Seekonk, MA


Pizza @ 6:30PM and social hour.

A short regional YCCC meeting will be held

Presentations and Q&A to follow.


Limited to 24-28 adults.

(Please consider bringing a folding chair for someone in case we go over.)


Location: 1287 Newman Ave (RT 152)

Seekonk, MA 02771

Call: 401-742-7240




Antenna farm tours will be available prior to pizza & social hour since sunset will be 6PM. Tour of shack is not likely. Look for a summer event announcement in 2018.