Happy Holidays and Thanks for those 160m Qs!
Happy Holidays and Thanks for those 160m Qs! avatar

I was up my tower today in the nice wx to realign some antennas that were twisted on the mast and saw the remains of a massive Hornets Nest under my top plate. Wow, that would have been an unpleasant climb with a quick descent had I gone up there before the big windstorm blew their nest off the tower. I also fixed my 160m antenna and made 60 QRP Qs this weekend to check it out – and to make sure our big guns XX and AN had the RI multiplier in their logs. Purely S&P with such low power and interesting which stations can hear and which can’t. Worked as far West as MO. I will send in my paper log later on for what the puny score is worth. 73, Chris

Results 2017 ARRL 160M Contest
Results 2017 ARRL 160M Contest avatar

Guess I'll go ahead and post my results. Go ahead and add your scores here too.

2017 ARRL 160M Contest
Call: W1AN
Location: CT
Category: Single Op, HP Unassisted
Club: CTRI Contest Group
QSOs   Sections  Countries
824    70        28
Score: 178,596

I repaired my beverages after all the windstorms of the last few months. Large trees and limbs and wires were down everywhere in the lower woods with the RG6 coax broken and chewed by some small creatures with little teeth. I also added an unterminated ~200 foot beverage running East and West. This proved out to work great as I didn’t need to do as much switching between the others. Noise levels were fairly low except for some occasional man made noise. Possibly leaf blower motors or mowers? Missed several west coast sections and ND MB NT and PR. Mostly running, no assistance. Surprised to work S01WS. A total of 52 5 pointers are in the log. Did hear and work KE1J(VT), KS1J, W1XX, K3IU, W1CTN. Also several RI stations are in the log. Slept thru both sunrises so I gotta set the alarm next time.
Beat last years score by a little.