Pre-Field Day Notes
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Be sure to check the FD Menu posting by our Commissary Guru.

Is anyone available for about an hour on Wednesday morning at 10 AM to help me with a couple of on site chores at Seagrave? I would meet you there.  Please comment here or email to w1xx [AT] cox [DOT] net or call 401-783-1588.  Sorry for short notice.

Good News Dept:  We are expected to be joined on FD by Bart Jahnke, W9JJ, the ARRL Contest Manager.

FD Menu
Mike Visich

Hello All CTRI FD Warriors!

From yesterday’s meeting the following people are signed up for FD and what they are bringing:


Charlie  K1ECU

Ken        K3IU                                     Cookies for Lunch

John      W1XX                                   SAUGY DOGS for Lunch

Dean     K1HSY

Jon        KC1FUU                               Chips (little individual bags worked well last FD)

Tim        KC1AYQ                               Something Chinese for Lunch

John      K1JSM                                  Salad for Dinner

Molly     KC1FTO

Jim         KS1J                                    Side Dish for Dinner

John      W1AN

Pat         NG1G                                  Baked Beans (with pot) for Lunch

Mike      NG1M

Mike      K1DM                                  Dessert for Dinner

Jaz         K1SD

For a TOTAL of 14.

Please let me know if I got something wrong.  Lars has offered rolls & side salads from B.GOOD.

I am assuming EVERYONE will attend Saturday Lunch & Dinner – if not please let me know!


I need an accurate head count before buying groceries:

BURGERS & DOGS (W1XX) & rolls for Lunch AND Steak & Chicken & Potatoes for Dinner.


PLEASE LET ME KNOW!  Best approach is to email me:


Mike Visich

FD Cook & the NEW NG1M



June ARRL VHF Contest Results
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WB2VVV was QRV for the June ARRL VHF Contest in the Single Op Unassisted Low Power Category.

Log as submitted:

MHZ   Grids   QSOs
50       81    174
144      14     30
222       8     12
432       7      9
903       4      4
1296      3      3
Total   118    233
Score: 31,239

Thanks to those members whose QSOs made it into my log! It was certainly nice to see 6 meters open to the West and South on Sunday with varying Sporadic E Skip. I was also pleased to be able able to hear 2 stations clearly on 2304 MHz but just didn’t have enough transmitter to be heard with only 5 Watts of the allowed 50 Watts.

73, Chris WB2VVV