2018 CQ WW VHF Contest
2018 CQ WW VHF Contest avatar

Call:  W1XX (W1XX op)

Class:  SOAB HP

Band  QSOs   Mults

6         377       136

2          68         22

Total   445       158  Score:  81,054

Comments: Very good condx late Saturday afternoon and early evening.  Lots of DM, DN, CM grids far west QSOs several with California on 6 meters.  Best was VA6AN (no relationship to W1AN) in DO42.  Sunday AM nice QSO to XE2JS in DL68.  Refurbished antennas here looking pretty good.

Worked K1SX and W1AN.  Anybody else on?


IARU HF Championship
IARU HF Championship avatar

I think the last time I spent any time in this 24 hour contest was as W1XX/OH0 and it was known as the “Radiosport” championship.  I didn’t know what I’ve been missing.  This is a neat contest coinciding with the every 4-year WRTC emanating in 2018 from DL-land.  You can choose CW, SSB or both.  I chose both or mixed.  Operating off and on around family activity.  I never ran out of QSOs. Working the IARU member society HQ stations is kinda neat as they exchange the society abbreviation — like ARRL — in the exchange.  Otherwise IARU zone number is exchanged ours being “8.”

I made 502 QSOs with a near even split between CW and SSB with a zones multiplier of 52 and HQ mults of 74 and a total score of 170, 604 points.  Not at the head of the class but shows up respectably on 3830Scores. Gave me a chance to test out my refurbished 40meter Yagi and it honked.  Pileups to my CQ  on 20 and 40 SSB were hip deep which is really fun.

I didn’t realize who the WRTC participants were until I started working a slew of Y8#x calls with the 1-letter suffix.  Yep, that was them.  Fun to work picturing these folks in a tent somewhere in Germany on a Hex-beam.  Yes, a hex-beam and they had great signals with 100 watts.

I see scores were posted by K1SX and KS1J…so I suspect that other club members gave this at least a bit of a try.  If so, post your scores and experiences here.

TI-2 Operating W1AW
TI-2 Operating W1AW avatar

I’m spending this week with six other teachers at the ARRL HQ learning about remote sensing, satellite comms, and other fun RF topics at the Teacher’s Institute. We will likely be operating the W1AW station while we’re here6, possibly tomorrow, perhaps during the lunch hour 12-1 pm. Some of us will operate SSB, which I’ve done once, so I plan to ask Joe Carcia, NJ1Q, if I can operate CW. I post this for any of you who happen to be interested and available to respond to our CQ’s. We will likely beam toward the southwest, but I’m sure some of your stations will be 59+ on the side lobes. 73!