“My Kingdom For A Truck” — Richard III
“My Kingdom For A Truck” — Richard III avatar

At the most recent meeting, the club authorized renting a brush cutter (hog) to clear out the brush in the “back 40” for antenna installation. This to be followed by professional bug spraying. Our intent is to do this ASAP before growth starts to sprout. Prospective dates weather dependent are this Saturday (Ap 27) or Mon, Tues, or Wed next week…date to be coordinated with Jim Crawford of Skyscrapers. The brush cutter is located at Taylor Rental in Warwick. The hitch is that we need a pickup truck (or similar) to transport to the site in N. Scituate and return to Warwick. Can anyone help with a truck? Post here…email me at w1xx AT cox DOT net or …call my landline: 401-783-1588.

New, faster contest digital mode
New, faster contest digital mode avatar

Just when we were getting a handle on FT8 contest mode (and wishing it was faster)–


“FT4 is a special-purpose mode designed for rapid-fire
contest QSOs. ” If you listened to my rants on the topic, I predicted there would be a 5-second cycle time version of FT8 within a year or two. I was only off by a second! Now my next crystal ball prediction–This will take HF by storm, never mind the slight sacrifice of sensitivity. I’ll be checking it out–
Dave K1SX