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Weather looks good for Field Day. We start at 9:00 AM tomorrow Saturday when we need mucho help for setup — especially the 40M/20M wire Yagi antenna. If convenient bring along: keyers, headsets, adapters, coax jumpers (marked with your callsign) just in case we are short something.

We have been asked by Skyscrapers to park cars near the street in the SW corner of the open field. They anticipate some public star gazing on Saturday night.

If you haven’t advised NG1Mike about your presence for meals, please do so. See separate posting regarding meals and bringing food items.

See my earlier posting that has all the essential; details. Good luck and have fun ! !

Satellite Station
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The satellite station is coming together nicely. My first attempts at a “minimum viable configuration” proved adequate, but still posed the problem of signals going from full-quieting to pure noise as the satellites tumble through the sky and the antenna polarization changes. Today I assembled more parts from John (W1AN) soldered up a couple of cables, and put the 2m elements of my two portable Arrow antennas together in an attempt to make a circular-polarized yagi. It seems to be working (SWR under 1.5), although I have no idea about the polarization. I’ll have a better idea as I try it out over the next few days. Ahhh, summer!

I did make one contact on FO-29 today, which is a linear satellite with 2m uplink and 70cm downlink. I was transmitting on the crossed arrows and received a 59 from AB1OC in Hollis, NH. I met him at Boxboro last Fall where he was demonstrating the latest version of his satellite station. You can read all about it at


Field Day Menu UPDATE
Mike Visich


Attached is an updated Field Day Menu & who’s attending.

Made a few changes – please make sure the menu reflects when you’ll attend & what you’ll be bringing.

Best way to get ahold of me is email at

Hope to see everyone Saturday!

thx & 73,



CTRI Field Day 2019
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CTRI Field Day 2019
By John Lindholm, W1XX

When: Saturday/Sunday – June 22 – 23. All hands on deck at 9 AM Saturday.
Note: FD is NOT the last weekend. Field Day is always held on the 4th weekend in June.

Where: Seagrave Memorial Observatory, 47 Peeptoad Road, North Scituate, RI 02857

This year marks the 5th year that CTRI operates Field Day on an annual basis at the Seagrave Memorial Observatory in North Scituate. We are indebted to Skyscrapers who have continued to ask us back.

Having developed this operation as pretty much a routine drill, we have not needed to over-plan it as in recent years. Everyone just pitches in as before. But we welcome first-timers.

A couple of things have been worked on diligently behind the scenes in preparation. TNX to W1AN and K1ECU, we expect to have a viable satellite station effort. TNX to W1AN and K1SX, we will have a viable FT8 6-meter operation. TNX to the efforts of K1HSY, K1DM, K1JSM, one will find the so called “back 40” area – home to the 40/20 mega wire antenna – cleared out of brush to a far greater degree than in previous years, making antenna installation far easier than in previous years.

Let’s touch on the particulars:
Call: KE1S
Category: 2A This means we are in the 2 transmitter class with 2 HF stations – usually one on CW and one on SSB @ 100 watts with set up of radios/computers by W1AN with K3IU. Plus we will have a “free” 6-meter station on SSB/FT8 with K1SX overseeing operation. Plus a satellite station with K1ECU in charge.
Antennas: 4-el 20M/2-el 40M wire beam; 20/15/10 “Folding Antennas” Hex-beam; 80M dipole; 6M Moxon; Satellite antenna.
Power: Honda 2000 generator with NG1M in charge; Solar panel by K1DM.
Commissary Duties: NG1M chief cook and bottle washer. See separate posting on human fueling.
Safety Officer: K1HSY.
Philosophy of operation: We strike a balance between striving for a high contest score utilizing our best operators while giving everyone the opportunity to operate regardless of skill and experience level. Split earphones capability with a second op monitoring has also proved helpful. FD Chairman W1XX posts a clipboard operating schedule. We welcome everyone’s participation however they may contribute. It takes many hands to set up as well as take down – an issue respected by all in previous years.
Time: Some may have family obligations that cut into their time to give. We can live with that. Do what you can. Overnight ops are usually sparse. We’re indoors so if you can stay overnight, bring a cot/sleeping-bag. Want to invite some other hams? By all means!
Field Day has proven to be the premier operating event of the year for CTRI. We’ll see everyone at 9 AM sharp Saturday, June 22.

“CQ Field Day.”

Field Day Menu
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We need help if you want fuel up on Field Day. The boxes in bright yellow are unfilled and needed. Please contact Mike Visich, NG1M, at or (401) 782-6536‬.

Click on the image to see expanded & readable copy.


Meeting Notice: Saturday June 8 at 0900
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CTRI holds its June meeting this coming Saturday, June 8, at 0900 at the North Kingstown (Wickford) Free Library, 100 Boone Street, NK 02852.
The business agenda will be an abbreviated session to deal only with the upcoming Field Day. K1SX, K1ECU, and W1AN will be reporting on their extensive FD prep work on FT8 and satellite comms.
Our special guest presenter is Jeff Jolie, NM1Y, on his exploits as an operator on the Navassa, K1N, and ill-fated Bouvet, 3Y0Z, DXpeditions. We’ve invited the BVARC and Newport clubs to join us. All guests welcome. You don’t want to miss this.