Summary of July 2019 CTRI Meeting
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Present: AA1AC, Chris (son of AA1AC), AJ1DM, K1HSY, AB1BX, KS1J, KE1J, K3IU, W1AN, K1DM, K1PAD, NG1M, K1SX, K1PAM, W1XX (in the chair).
NG1M presented the Treasurer’s report.
In lieu of the Contest Manager’s report, individual reflections were heard re the IARU HF Championship, CQ VHF Contest, and the IOTA contest in progress.
Field Day chairman W1XX made a lengthy report on Field Day results…everything from bonus points to feed line loss shortcomings on the 40/20 wire Yagi. Highlights focused on our initial use of FT8 on VHF (TNX K1SX) and super effort on satellites (TNX K1ECU) with seven (7) linear/FM QSOs in the log. W1XX recommended that prior to any future FD effort that (1) a new site be considered; and (2) if not, no further effort be expended to curtail the growth of brush in the “back 40” be attempted…i.e. no used as an antenna site.W1XX emphasized the need (a must) for new, younger, and fresh outlook for chairman for any future FDs.
Expressing disappointment over the lack of a successful candidate for our ARRL Foundation scholarship…being the sense of the meeting…the president appointed a committee to NG1M, K1DM, and W1AN to study the issue with recommendations to be presented at a future meeting.
To address a long standing issue of how to protect club assets in the event of a future dissolution of the club…should that ever become necessary …it again being the sense of the meeting…El Presidante appointed a committee of NG1M, K1PAD, and NG1G to review the club’s Constitution and Bylaws and report any suggested amendments at a future meeting. This charge includes any and all manner of addressing the objective.
Welcome to John, AJ1DM, of Westerly who was voted into membership.
Respectfully submitted,
John, W1XX

Meeting Notice, Saturday July 27 at 0900
Meeting Notice, Saturday July 27 at 0900 avatar

CTRI holds its next meeting this coming Saturday, July 27, at 0900 at the North Kingstown (Wickford) Free Library, 100 Boone Street, NK, 02852.

Agenda: “DXpeditions I’ve Been On” by Marc, AA1AC

All guests welcome. You don’t want to miss this.

2019 CQWW VHF Contest Results
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Call/Station/Op: W1XX
Class: SOAB HP
Op Time (hrs): 9

Band QSOs Grids
6 397 126
2 29 13
Total: 426 139 Total Score = 63,245

Club: CTRI Contest Group


Surprise…surprise. Classic CW/SSB is alive and well on 6 meters. Didn’t expect to do much in the CQ WW VHF Contest this weekend, but was pleasantly surprised. Had a few station issues in the first hour, but once we cleared out the cobwebs, it was GO. Had to open up a run frequency above 50.200 it was so busy. Worked a handful of DM grids which was nice. Time was limited on Sunday by prior family stuff, but got back on in the last hour which was gangbusters. Several rovers with outstanding signals called in on 6 meters. 2 meters suffered from the max activity on 6. Only CTRI’er I heard was K1SX who beat me out calling somebody. Lotsa fun!