*URGENT* Team members sought – CW Open (Sat Sept 7: 00-04z, 12-16z, 20-24z)
*URGENT* Team members sought – CW Open (Sat Sept 7: 00-04z, 12-16z, 20-24z) avatar

All –

It has come to my attention that a significant number of club members are active operators via the CW mode (incl. a number of newer members). With the popular annual CW Open just a week away I’d like to encourage participation in this fun event (put on by the worthy CWOps organization) by entering a CTRI Contest Group team [maximum 10 team participants].

The contest occurs over three short 4-hour sessions starting this coming Friday eve (00z-04z on Saturday) with sessions two and three occurring 12-16z and 20-24z on Saturday. Team member participation can be for as much or as little as one can provide (ie. all 3 sessions or just part of one session). * No pressure* re: activity… would just like to get as near to ten available club members to be active on our team. Of course, increased team member participation (in more than one session) will add to our team final score. Additional event info is found here: https://cwops.org/cwops-tests/cw-open/

Contact me NLT Friday Sept 6 (by 2300z please) if interested in joining the team (membership in CWOps is NOT required for participation): wbliss1[at]cox[dot]net

Just for info — weekly CWOps Mini-Tests (good ‘live’ practice) are held each Wednesday at three separate times for an hour apiece…1300z, 1900z and 0300z (Thursday), utilizing a slightly different exchange.

TNX es 73! Bill W1WBB, CWOps #2207

CQ WW Digi Contest
CQ WW Digi Contest avatar

Whether or not you’re a fan of the new digi modes, here’s an opportunity to be in on the first running of a new contest that seems to be hoping to join the CQ WW family. I’m hoping to make some Q’s in this, probably as a QRP entry. It’s 1200-1200Z Sat-Sun , FT4 and FT8, and you will want the latest version of WSJT-X with “NA VHF contest” selected as the contest mode, so that your exchange will be your grid square. QSO points are based on distance calculated from the grid, rather than continents. Get your call in the record book! Rules here– https://ww-digi.com/rules.htm

Dave K1SX

Summary of Aug. 24, 2019 Meeting
Summary of Aug. 24, 2019 Meeting avatar

Members present: K1HSY, K1PAM, AA1AC, W1WBB, NG1M, W1AN, K1PAD, K1ECU, K1JSM, W1XX (in the chair).
Treasurer NG1M reported on the club’s financial status. Contest Manager K1ECU reported on past and upcoming contests. CTRI members have been active in recent contests and the next bigee is Sept. 28 — the CQ WW RTTY.
NG1Mike’s status report of the “scholarship” committee (W1AN, K1DM, NG1M) drew lots of discussion. Boiled down to deciding whether to offer $1000 every year or every-other-year; recipient be General Class a minimum or not; resident of New England or not. The residency filter of New England-only apparently resulted in no scholarship being offered. From the discussion, NG1M indicated he would check with ARRL to see if New England could simply be a priority not an exclusion. The matter not having been finalized, was therefore held over to the next meeting.
K1PAD provided a verbal status report of the so called Endgame Committee ( K1PAD, NG1M, NG1G) to fashion in the Constitution and By-Laws how to deal with any future dissolution of the club’s assets should that ever become necessary. The immediate results is — TNX to K1JSM and K1PAD — the posting of the Constitution and By-Laws on the website. See “Documents” on the pull-down menu. The Committee’s effort continues.
With much of the focus centering on finances, two other matters surfaced: dues and club monies spent on coffee/donuts. Dues discussion was tabled for a future meeting. To significantly reduce expenditures on coffee/donuts, a new system was VOTED. K1HSY has volunteered (as he has right along) to pick up the donuts/coffee. At the meeting previous, Dean will collect $2.00 from each member to cover the cost for the next meeting. Any shortfall will be covered by the club.
The meeting concluded on a happy note (you mean it wasn’t happy earlier?) as W1XX presented his “Ham Radio Current Events Trivia Quiz” consisting of 25 questions. Subjects ranged from Marlon Brando, WRTC 2018, Amelia Earhart, beer, FT8, and the purchase of Greenland. In a photo finish, Mark (AA1AC) edged out Bill (W1WBB) 19 to 18 to win an “ARRL Antenna Handbook.” Everyone else was left in the dust.
Next meeting = Sept 21 same place, same time.
Respectfully submitted, John, W1XX

Members Meeting, Sat Aug 24th
Members Meeting, Sat Aug 24th avatar

CTRI Contest Group holds its next meeting on Saturday, Aug 24, at 0900 at the North Kingstown (Wickford) Free Library, 100 Boone Street, NK, 02852.

Agenda: Regular business meeting, reports from committees, and SURPRISE PRESENTATION by John, W1XX

All guests welcome. You don’t want to miss this.