CQWW RTTY this Weekend
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I’m getting ready for this weekends CQ WW RTTY contest starting Friday evening. Still looking for operators. Let me know times you can be here and ready for the ride. If you are operating from home, hope to work you on all bands.
73, John W1AN

The Steam Up
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The Museum of Wireless and Steam will hold its annual Steam Up on 5 October this year. I you haven’t attended, you are really missing a good time. You can get more details at…


73, Ken K3IU

Minutes of Members Meeting – Sept 21, 2019
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CTRI Contest Group
Minutes of Meeting Sept. 21, 2019

Meeting Location: N. Kingstown Public Library

Attendees: (14) W1XX, NG1M, K3IU, AB1BX, W1WBB, NZ1I, NA1CN, W1AN, K1JSM, AJ1DM, K1ECU, K1PAD, K1PAM, NG1G

The meeting called to order at 0915 by W1XX, President.
K1JSM was appointed recording secretary for the meeting by the chair.

1. Around the table introductions: name, call, QTH.

2. Officer’s reports: Treasurer & Contest Manager.

3. Donuts & Coffee: next meeting primary donut getter is W1XX; backup is K1JSM.

4. Committee Reports:
W1AN discussed some history re: the scholarship funds.

NG1M presented the scholarship committee’s recommendations, discussion followed. Vote taken and the following approved: the scholarship shall be $1,000 offered every year while funds last, it will be offered through the ARRL to an applicant with a General or Extra license, with first preference to a New England applicant, second preference to any applicant.

NG1G presented the Bylaws Committee’s recommendations for changes having to do with the club’s disbandment and disposition of assets — should that ever become necessary. Discussion followed with suggestions offered. Taking these under advisement, in accordance with the C & BL, the recommendations will be revisited at the next meeting and MAY be presented for approval of the membership.

5. Election of officers for 2020. The following were elected:
President, Charlie Estabrooks, K1ECU
Vice President, Bill Bliss, W1WBB
Secretary, Pat Atwood, NG1G
Treasurer, Mike Visich, NG1M
Contest Manager, Dave Eckerson, K1SX

Meeting adjourned at 1115.
Submitted by J. Mills, K1JSM

WB2VVV – ARRL September VHF Contest Score – 2019
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WB2VVV was QRV from home in FN41CR (Foster), and submitted the following score:


Total # Grids worked: 50
Total # QSOs: 113
Total Score: 8350

Single Op – Low Power Category

There was no E-Skip on 6 meters. Sunday morning did have decent Tropo down the coast as far as FM08, which was worked on 144 and 432 MHz as those were the only bands available to work at W4IY in FM08.

One interesting station worked was W3BFC who was operating remotely from his home in a retirement community with his remoted IC-7100 2 meter transmitter in FM28 putting out 50 Watts on SSB at the base of a 500′ tower with a small omnidirectional horizontal polarization antenna at the top of the tower, fed with some 500 feet of 7/8 inch Heliax, so only 25 Watts getting to the antenna. He had a pile-up going as FM28 is a rare and needed multiplier. He will be running a net on Saturday nights at 9:30 PM for those interested in checking into FM28.

I uploaded an image of my small rooftop antenna array used for VHF/UHF Contests. It’s all on one mast to aim at the station I’m working on as many bands as possible.
73, Chris, WB2VVV


SAC CW This Weekeend
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This weekend (Saturday 12z -Sunday 12z) SAC CW will take place.
Get on the air and work some Scandinavians!
Complete rules at https://www.sactest.net/blog/

I will be on as SM5DXT M/S.
Will be running LP so look for a weak signal!!
Find us and work us on as many bands as possible!
Looking forward to work lots of CTRI stations!

Lars, KE1J

Members Meeting
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Saturday’s Sept 21 meeting, 9 – 11 AM at the NK Library venue as usual. Important business meeting: Reports and recommendations from both the Scholarship and Constitution/By-Laws Committees.

Also ELECTION OF OFFICERS. If you are not there, you will be an officer in 2020!
Please consider offering your services to the club. Coffee/Donuts.