CQWW CW Results
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I was only able to put in about 5 hours but had fun doing what I did. Here is the summary of my results…

CQWWCW Summary Sheet

CallSign Used : K3IU

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
Assisted Category : NON-ASSISTED
Band : ALL
Power : HIGH
Mode : CW

Club/Team : CTRI Contest Group

Band QSOs Pts ZN Cty
7 21 50 14 13
14 162 474 12 49
21 35 97 11 24
Total 218 621 37 86

Score : 76,383

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Looks like a rainy week for antenna work…but I guess we can enjoy an undistracted Thanksgiving this year. K index of 0 today, maybe it will hold.

I listened to Randy K5ZD give his tips for this at Boxboro. Of course he’s all about getting a 7-figure score for YCCC, but I know many of us post for YCCC anyhow in this one. So he says go HP Assisted and spend lots of hours :). But he had some scheduling ideas to consider even in a casual effort–

–20 should be open to Europe by 1100z
–Keep an eye on 15 bcz we may get an opening in NE that the rest of the US misses. I can say that 15 was surprisingly good Saturday in LZ DX around 14z and may have been open sooner.
–Go to 40 early. I did not think it was so great this past weekend but in WW there are a lot more super-stations active over there so I could be under-estimating. Eu will be there all day at some level.
–He claimed that he loses patience after 3 minutes of un-answered CQ’s. And that, at least, I could completely sympathize with. 🙂
–And, have FUN!

–Dave K1SX

SS Phone this weekend
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Even if (like me) you’re not big on phone contesting, at least look for club members on
the cluster and give a call!

Your alternative contest is LZ DX–usually lots of activity and a good
tune-up for CQ WW, with an easy exchange.

Local times: 7am Sat-6:59am Sun
Bands: 80-10
Modes: CW, SSB or mixed
Exchange: RST+ITU zone (8)
Multipliers: Zones + LZ districts, per band (not countries)
Scoring: Work everyone, per band, per mode. 10 pts LZ’s, 3 pts between continent, 1 pt own continent
Assistance: Cluster OK
Rules: http://lzdx.bfra.org/rulesen.html

2019 SSCW Results @ K3IU [B 56 RI]
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Not a huge effort here but that is becoming the norm for me. My BIC time was about 8 hours and I operated HP unassisted. My 80 M results reinforce my need to get my 80 dipole back up in the air. Not a clean sweep this year.

It is still my favorite contest. 73, Ken K3IU
Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
Assisted Category : NON-ASSISTED
Band : ALL
Power : HIGH
Mode : CW
ARRL Section : RI
Club/Team : CTRI Contest Group

Band QSOs Pts Sec Pt/Q
3.5 37 74 11 2.0
7 103 206 24 2.0
14 87 174 30 2.0
21 28 56 11 2.0
Total 255 510 76 2.0

Score : 38,760

November 2019 Meeting Agenda
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The club will meet next Saturday, November 9 at 9AM at the North Kingstown Library. See the Agenda here.

This month will feature a raffle of a brand new ARRL Antenna Book (24th ed.) generously donated by Rick, K1PAD. This is the new, limited edition, multi-volume boxed set showcasing 80 years of antenna know-how.

We will gladly accept donations of any other materials and include them in the raffle as well.