New England QSO Party 2020 – this weekend May 2-3!
New England QSO Party 2020 – this weekend May 2-3! avatar

Hello All –

Hoping many CTRI CG members will get radio-active from the home QTH this weekend (while staying safe from the COVID-19 virus!) in the annual NEQP. Our group typically puts forth a significant effort each year in this fun event where us W1’s (and K1’s, NG1’s, KE1’s etc!) are the hunted.

A refresher on the rules can be found at:

Of note, NO restrictions on operators going “Assisted” and using spotting networks; NO mode categories (so break out the mics for more QSOs/mults you CW ops), though CW/Digital contacts count double vs. SSB; and EACH new DXCC entity worked is a separate multiplier, along with each state and VE province/territory. Hint: DX can be found during the ARI Int’l DX contest on CW, SSB and RTTY (1200Z Sat – 1200Z Sun)…just add a serial number to your exchange.

Activity in the State QSO Parties this year has been record-breaking so expect lots of QSOs to be had, especially during Saturday while we have the overlapping 7th Call Area QP, Indiana QP and Delaware QP going on. In addition, the inaugural State QSO Party competition ( has added many additional ops who will be searching for us New Englanders!

For N1MM Logger users (within New England) you can use **just one log** [“NEWE” found within State QSO Party area when selecting a new log]* while working ops in each of the four QP’s going on during the weekend…EASY!!

A predicted low K-Index for much of the weekend (and lack of any expected regional thunderstorms) bodes well for us operators. Hope many of you can make plans for some operating time once NEQP gets underway Saturday at 4pm local time (2000Z) ’til 1am, then Sunday 9am ’til 8pm (1300Z-2400Z). Look forward to working lots of club members this weekend!

Take care/stay safe/good luck/have fun… 73, Bill W1WBB (chief op at AI1TT, for NEQP)

FQP Results
FQP Results avatar



65–30–3900, actually 7800.    2h45m op time.  60 watts to doublet at 50 ft.

Well, I take back what I said about good propagation, and I see also I had the mults incorrect also, of course it is once per mode, not per band.  In any case, it was a 2 band activity.  Saturday I got beat out a lot even running 60 watts or so.  However, with patience I worked a lot of weak stations.  I never found N4V. (but who was looking?)  After posting my score to 3830, I realized I didn’t multiply my score by 2 for being LP.    I think Andy BX also forgot this bonus.   So we were lower down than we needed to be 🙂  Fun anyway.  I heard only W1WBB among members. — Dave

Florida QSOP this weekend
Florida QSOP this weekend avatar

This is a very active QSO Party with lots of categories and bonuses like spelling out words. And we can count on good propagation to FL.

Local time: Noon–10pm Sat, 8am–6pm Sun.
Bands: 40–10 (Note, no 80m)
Categories: Mixed, CW, Phone
Exchange: RST + state
Scoring: 2 pts CW, 1 pt phone
Mults: FL counties per band per mode



Yesterday at the YCCC Virtual meeting 8) They announced that CTRI had won the NEQP 2019 New England Club award. GOOD Going guys Hope to rejoin you all on the air asap

73 de John ko1h

Video Meetings?
Video Meetings? avatar

We’ve had to cancel our last two meetings due to the Library being closed due to COVID-19 and it could be months before we can meet in person again. Would anyone be interested in holding video club meetings until this blows over?

I happen to have a Zoom account and would be happy to set up video meetings if there is interest. Let me know if you’d like me to do that.

73 de John AJ1DM

Upcoming contests
Upcoming contests avatar

This weekend features the SP DX contest and several state QSOP’s.

I also notice the RSGB has started a series of daily contest activities called the Hope QSO Party. These will be in the morning for us. The idea is mutual encouragement, which we all could use! There is something every weekday, with rotating modes. It starts April 6.

–Dave K1SX

Update:  This week’s Friday event is 1430-1600Z, CW.  3830 says that somebody fired up W1KM and made a bunch of q’s earlier this week.