CQ WW VHF Contest
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Hi all,
This VHF contest had a lot of activity last year, and it was across all the modes, not just digi. Be sure to use the latest WSJT-x version, 2.2.0 or higher, and set VHF Contest Mode. Try FT4 mode on 50.318 during strong openings.

Local time: 2pm Sat–5pm Sun
Bands: 6m, 2m
Modes: all legal
Exchange: 4 character grid
Scoring: Work stations once per band. 1 pt 6m, 2 pts 2m
Mults: Grids per band
Assistance: Allowed for all, except no self-spotting

2020 IARU HF Contest
2020 IARU HF Contest avatar

I spent a bit of time (4.1 hrs) in this contest as SOAB HP CW only. It is almost a no-brainer contest where you can work anybody on any band. Of course no band dupes allowed. What made it even more fun was that the bands were open! My 80/40 dipole(MFJ special) that I strung up was not very high and didn’t work too well at all. Hope others in the club got into the mix. Here are my results. I have not discovered a way in this form to change the text to a fixed pitch font so that it is more easily readable.[7/17/20 – and I was just reminded how to save preformatting using pre and /pre. The mind is a terrible thing to lose]

        Band      Mode    QSOs     Pts  ITU  HQ   Pt/Q
         3.5        CW       8      16    3    0   2.0
           7        CW      40      84    8   16   2.1
          14        CW      72     218   13   21   3.0
          21        CW      63     179    9   14   2.8
          28        CW      21      55    4   11   2.6
       Total               204     552   37   62   2.7

            Score : 54,648
              Rig : Elecraft K3s+KPA500 amp

73, Ken K3IU