For Sale -na1cn-
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It is a sad day that I find I must sell my beloved ham radio gear.  It seems like I just put the station back together to where it should be, a nice loud station, but now I have to tear it down again.


Prefer to sell as a package: $2500.00

IC746 Pro with hand mic and Heil Pro Headset

Alpha 86 Legal limit amp loafs along at 1500w with 65w in.

Heathkit SA-2060A 3kw tuner

Is fully operational right now with no known issues.  Come see it!  In Norwich, CT.

Call Chuck -na1cn- ex -ka1cqr- at 508-826-3458.

What kind of radio do I want for contesting?
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Hello gentlehams,


Some time ago I sold off my radio gear (boy, what an idiot!) and am now trying to build myself back up again.  I presently am using a Icom IC-718 with no filters.  I tried to play in the CQWW-SSB recently and it was just so utterly miserable I actually shut the radio off in anger.  Don’t get me wrong, the 718 is a nice little starter radio for rag chewing, but if there is anyone nearby to you, forget it.


In the past I had a Kenwood TS-2000 and thought with the adjustable DSP filters it was pretty good.  Since then I have listened to you all and believe there may be something better out there for a contester that would like to play without getting my ears burned off with QRM.


As the holidays are approaching soon to be followed by hopefully a nice tax refund check, I will be searching for a nice contest radio.  What are your opinions with pros and cons on what I should get?  What kind of budget should I set?  I was thinking around $1,000 to $1,500.  I think I should find something nice in that range.  If I look at certain models, are there options I should verify it has?  Have you upgraded to the new Binford 6100XLT and maybe thought you would keep your old 756Pro3 around as a back up and now think you may sell it?  I will be combing the QRZ ads as well as a likely trip to NEAR-Fest this spring.


FWIW, I am hoping to pick up 6 meters in the new radio also, but not a deal-breaker.  I see many of the later radios do that already.  You should probably know, I want an amp too!  I am tired of sitting there trying to bust pileups with 100 watts!  Baby steps!


Thanks to all for your consideration,

Chuck -ka1cqr-

Annual Holiday Meeting
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Hello gentlehams,


It is time once again to spend an afternoon relaxing with the members of the club around the fire at Gregg’s in North Kingstown, RI for our annual Holiday Meeting.  I have made reservations at Greggs for February 1, 2014 starting at 11:30am.  As always friends and family are encouraged to visit.  Let’s fill that room up!


Please contact me with a head count.


73 and good DX,

Chuck -ka1cqr- Newman

17 Thomas Ave.

Norwich, CT 06360


Field Day 2013
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Hello all,

As maybe most of you are aware, myself and Chip -n1mie- are members fo the Radio Amateur Society of Norwich (RASON) where Chip is also President.  We would like to formally invite CTRI to our Field Day festivities at Giddings Park on Route 207 in Franklin, CT.  Chip has placed us on the ARRL Field Day Locator page.  Last year we ran 6A and had a good time.

We are hoping to set up 6A again this year, but expect to be down two stations this year (20m cw and 80m ph).  CTRI has a wealth of great operators and I think we could make a great team together.  We would like help in all the areas, setup, operators, and breakdown.  If you can set up stations, that is great.  I will be at the field Friday night for security if you want to come early to either stay or drop something off.  Campers (dry camping) and tents are welcome.

Operating tents or screen houses, stations, generators, operating desks and chairs along with computers (we do network logging with N1MM Logger) are needed.

Giddings Field is a large field with lots of trees for wire and room for yagis.  More importantly there are bathrooms!

I have been tasked with setting up the kitchen this year.  I am working on a menu that should not leave anyone hungry!  We are providing breakfast, lunch, and dinner Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday.  I expect to have plenty of coffee and water available as well as munchies throughout the day and night.

The next RASON meeting is May 16 at 7:45pm at the Norwich City FD HQ, with the final RASON FD meeting on June 20 just before FD.  That meeting will have training on N1MM Logger.  We get extra points for a training session related to ham radio.


Please contact Chuck or Chip, or, reply to his thread with availabilty.


Chuck -ka1cqr-



CTRI CG Holiday Party
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Hello contesters!

Gregg’s Restaurant in North Kingstown, RI has been secured for March 23, 2013 at noon. I told them about 30 people would be there, give or take a few. They would appreciate a count so they can set it up properly. As was last year, we will be ordering off the menu.

Best to all,
Chuck -ka1cqr-