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Hello All CTRI FD Warriors!

From yesterday’s meeting the following people are signed up for FD and what they are bringing:


Charlie  K1ECU

Ken        K3IU                                     Cookies for Lunch

John      W1XX                                   SAUGY DOGS for Lunch

Dean     K1HSY

Jon        KC1FUU                               Chips (little individual bags worked well last FD)

Tim        KC1AYQ                               Something Chinese for Lunch

John      K1JSM                                  Salad for Dinner

Molly     KC1FTO

Jim         KS1J                                    Side Dish for Dinner

John      W1AN

Pat         NG1G                                  Baked Beans (with pot) for Lunch

Mike      NG1M

Mike      K1DM                                  Dessert for Dinner

Jaz         K1SD

For a TOTAL of 14.

Please let me know if I got something wrong.  Lars has offered rolls & side salads from B.GOOD.

I am assuming EVERYONE will attend Saturday Lunch & Dinner – if not please let me know!


I need an accurate head count before buying groceries:

BURGERS & DOGS (W1XX) & rolls for Lunch AND Steak & Chicken & Potatoes for Dinner.


PLEASE LET ME KNOW!  Best approach is to email me:  visich4zoo@gmail.com


Mike Visich

FD Cook & the NEW NG1M



YCCC Contest University
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We are invited!!   I have gone to this before and learned a lot.  I will be there on the 18th.


Yankee Clipper Contest Club is pleased to announce a Contest University


CONTEST UNIVERSITY – Wednesday Oct 18 @ N1RR

Professors: Randy Thompson – K5ZD

Dennis Egan – W1UE

Charlie Morrison – N1RR

Wednesday,October 18  6PM @ N1RR – Seekonk, MA


Pizza @ 6:30PM and social hour.

A short regional YCCC meeting will be held

Presentations and Q&A to follow.


Limited to 24-28 adults.

(Please consider bringing a folding chair for someone in case we go over.)


Location: 1287 Newman Ave (RT 152)

Seekonk, MA 02771

Call: 401-742-7240


RSVP:  charles.morrison.n1rr@gmail.com


Antenna farm tours will be available prior to pizza & social hour since sunset will be 6PM. Tour of shack is not likely. Look for a summer event announcement in 2018.


CTRI Field Day: MENU
CTRI Field Day:  MENU avatar

Greetings to all Happy Field Day Folk! John W1XX, our glorious Field Day Chairman, has started us down the road to fun weekend in North Scituate!!

As the COOK in need to know WHO will be attending for WHAT meals. Our meeting on Saturday the June 10th I got some rough numbers but didn’t get the names. There are THREE BIG MEALS – Saturday Lunch, Saturday Dinner and Sunday Lunch.


The basic menu is the following:

SATURDAY LUNCH: Hamburgers & Saugy Hot Dogs [at the Club meeting 14 indicated they would be eating]
SATURDAY DINNER: Marinated steak tips & chicken with baked potatoes [10 indicated they would be eating]
SUNDAY BREAKFAST: a Dunkin’ Donuts run for those whom braved overnight!
SUNDAY LUNCH: sandwiches & soda to break camp. [9 indicated they would be eating]


It will be fun!
Thanks & 73

Phillystran Guy Lines
Phillystran Guy Lines avatar

Hello – have TOWER Thoughts.

Anyone familiar with Phillystran Guy Lines? Seems like it would be a lot easier to work with.


73, Mike

ARRL Scholarship
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Just wanted to review with everyone on-board with the Terms of Reference of the scholarship. There was a lot of talking and I wanted to make sure I caught all the comments. Please let me know if I missed anything. My plan is to contact Lauren KB1YDD at ARRL on Friday & send the check.

CTRI / Chris Seeber KA1GEU Memorial Scholarship
Award Amount: $500
Number of Awards: 1 per year
License Requirement: General Class or higher
Region: New England
Field of Study: Science, Science Education, Math, Math Education, Engineering or Technology fields
Institution: Accredited 2 or 4-year college or university

73 Mike

An email from my Neighbor Mary – Take Back Your Power
An email from my Neighbor Mary – Take Back Your Power avatar

Take Back Your Power is an independent Canadian documentary directed by Josh del Sol that was released in 2013.  The film explores the health, legal, and economic ramifications of wireless utility “smart” meters.  Most people do not know about the risks associated with the radiation emitting from wireless utility meters that are already installed on many of our homes.  Nor do they understand that utility companies are pushing for 100% wireless utility metering, even though people across the country are reporting that the radiation from these meters is making them sick.  If you or someone you love is suffering from health problems, please watch this movie.


This documentary features narration from the mayor of Peterborough, Ontario (Daryl Bennett), as well as American researcher De-Kun Li, U.S. journalist Blake Levitt, and Dr. Sam Milham.   The film won a Leo Award for best feature-length documentary, as well as the Annual Humanitarian Award from Indie Fest the following year.


Take Back Your Power can be viewed for FREE until midnight tonight.  Take this opportunity to educate yourself about how your health, safety, and privacy are being impacted by wireless utility meters and the radiation they emit, as well as the accompanying infrastructure.  I firmly believe this is the most important film you will ever watch.  Please make the time to watch it, and forward this link to everyone you know.  And please make a call or send an email to your state representative and state senator, asking for a ban on ALL wireless utility meters.  We have a right to protect our health, safety, and privacy in our own homes.



Mary Adkins, M.Ed.

Rhode Island Regional Director

Citizens for Safe Technology


Former Configuration Manager

Mark 48 Advanced Capability Torpedo Program Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Newport, RI

(401) 284-4530


Sent from a safe, hardwired computer

Tree Service Friendly to Ham Radio
Tree Service Friendly to Ham Radio avatar

Just wanted to let you know I had some work tree done in my yard by Silver Leaf Forestry (401-529-8558) of Peace Dale RI .  For a small fee they installed a pulley way high in a tree for a future low band dipole.  There we reasonable, quick & clean – You should keep them in mind if you have any future tree work and/or a potential dipole or two.

73 Mike KB1RFJ