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CTRI Field Day
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June 23 @ 09:00 - June 24 @ 14:00

Site: 47 Peep Toad Rd., North Scituate, RI, the Seagrave Memorial Observatory

Dates: last full weekend in June, every year

Event Times: 1400 on Saturday to 1400 on Sunday, 24 hours

Antenna Raising Party: 0900 on Saturday

Call: KE1S
Category: 2A Two transmitter 100 watt club category plus 6-meter free transmitter and a “Get On The Air” station.
Antennas: (a) Special K1JX designed FD 2-el 40-meter + 20-meter 4-el wire inverted-V Yagi w/single feed-line using a tree supported rope boom. (b) 80-meter dipole w/ladder line to tuner. (c) 6-meter Par Stressed Moxon on a fiberglass pole. (d) Hy-gain TH3 tribander on approx. 40 feet of military masts. (e) Simple GOTA antennae including 20- meter vertical dipole.

We are renewing our unique partnership with “Skyscrapers” for our third Field Day from the Seagrave Observatory – thus a comfortable indoor operating venue. What has made the first two operations FUN from all accounts has been the fantastic operating site, the camaraderie of everyone pitching in to help, no heavy duty tower installations, and not to forget – great culinary delights.

For ARRL info: http://www.arrl.org/field-day