W1DX Operates as Multi-Single in WAE RTTY
W1DX Operates as Multi-Single in WAE RTTY avatar

2018 WAE DX Contest, RTTY

Call: W1DX
Operator(s): N6ERD K1DM W1AN
Station: W1AN

Class: M/S HP
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  QSOs  Pts   QTCs  Mults
   80:   89    89    10   108
   40:  259   259   190   171
   20:  468   468   150   154
   15:   46    46    50    66
Total:  862   862   400   499  Total Score = 629,738

Club: CT RI Contest Group

This was the first time for all three of us operating in the WAE RTTY. The contest is very much like the 48 hour CQ WW RTTY where you work everybody. So QSOs are almost unlimited. Difference is in the scoring and what is considered a multiplier. Countries have multipliers as well as adding a new one for each district such as W2, W3, etc. Also is the addition to the QSO count for each exchange of a QTC which is basically an exchange of info of a max of 10 prior QSOs to an eligible operator on another continent. N1MM makes exchanging QTCs easy as most is automated in RTTY. If the operator is eligible to receive or send you a group of QTCs, the keystrokes of Cntrl +Z or Cntrl +Z (twice) will bring up the QTC receive/send exchange screen. There is a learning curve involved, but tutorials and videos are available. Our score could have improved more significantly if we were better prepared.
73, John W1AN

ARRL Sweepstakes Contest Begins Saturday
ARRL Sweepstakes Contest Begins Saturday avatar

The October CTRI meeting was held at the W1XX QTH in South Kingstown on the 13th.  After a successful raising of the 160 meter vertical (Thank you!), a regular meeting was held.

From time to time, CTRI has made a special group effort in selected contests.  1.5 million points (a record) in the New England QSO Party (2011) and the 10 Meter Contest come to mind.  The reception to try this again in the ARRL Sweepstakes was somewhat lukewarm but some indicated their intention to give it a go.

Sweepstakes — CW on Nov. 3 – 4 and Phone on Nov. 17 – 18 — is the granddaddy of contests.  I think this is the 80th running.  If CW is not your thing, then give phone a shot.  I’ll be in there on both.

An N1MM+ reminder:  enter the data in pairs like 39A and 61RI.  That way there is no ambiguity between QSO number and the check (year first licensed).  Review the rules on the ARRL website.

N1MM+ has become the de facto default logging program. If you need help, Ken, K3IU, has volunteered to be our “N1MM Resource Person” [kenk3iu AT cox DOT net]. He helped me immensely in transitioning from TRLog a few years back. Ken suggests you reference the on-line N1MM+ manual.

More meeting happenings:  Discussion touched on the New England director election, VP6D, Field Day, and oh, yes club elections.  Newly elected:  John, W1XX, President;  Bill, W1WBB, VP;  Mike, NG1M, Secy/Treasurer; Charlie, K1ECU, Contest Mgr.;  Jim,. KS1J, Recording Secy.




Antenna Party
Mike Visich

FINALLY – after FOUR LONG YEARS – going to raise my WRTC2014 Antenna!!


Plan is for this SATURDAY Nov 3 at 10AM – giving those whose who are planning to participate in ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, CW (which starts at 2100Z or 5PM) plenty of time to get home.


Please let me know if you will be attending so I can plan food, etc.


31 White Falls Trail, Wakefield RI   CELL:  401-714-2753


Hope to see you there!

73  Mike NG1M

CQ WW DX SSB This Weekend at W1AN
CQ WW DX SSB This Weekend at W1AN avatar

My work schedule has kept me very busy. I haven’t been able to prepare the shack for the upcoming test. Nor have I been able to track down the source of the S9 noise. It, however, has diminished a bit. Perhaps by Saturday PM I can start limited operation. So if you have plans on operating here it will need to be Saturday evening or Sunday. Let me know. I hope to have all ready by then.
John W1AN

VP6D avatar

Usually I have to wait to the final days of a big expedition, but I saw W1XX’s spot on 40 cw this morning and I actually worked them with 10w to a wire.  6:40 local. Huge signal, great op, and the pileup was behaving.     If I can, anybody can!  tnx John–

Dave K1SX

Contest Season Kickoff Meeting @ W1XX Saturday Oct. 13
Contest Season Kickoff Meeting @ W1XX Saturday Oct. 13 avatar

The fall/winter contest season kicked off last weekend  with the CQ WW RTTY Contest.  It’s just the start with the CQ DX SSB the end of the month and Sweepstakes in November plus several more to follow.

To energize activity, our November CTRI club meeting is this coming Saturday, October 13, hosted by W1XX at his South Kingstown hilltop QTH ( 48 Shannock Rd.) Nominal meeting time is 9 AM.

But after two weather-foiled attempts by the club to help raise my 160 vertical antenna, an early 8:30 AM arrival is requested to finalize the project.  It has been blocking the top of my driveway now for two months, so anything short of a tornado, it’s going up…with much thanks to the club!  Parking suggested on Shannock Road…I can shuttle anyone needing assistance (call 783-1588).

Primary AGENDA item  as indicated by Prez Pat NG1G:  ELECTION OF OFFICERS.  Self-preservation dictates attendance.  Luncheon provided.

Guests and prospective members always welcome.  Posting your attendance plans under comments would be appreciated.  73!

CQWW RTTY — K3IU avatar

 CQ Worldwide DX Contest, RTTY
Call: K3IU
Operator(s): K3IU
Station: K3IU
Class: SOAB HP
Operating Time (hrs): 2.5

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, RTTY

Call: K3IU
Operator(s): K3IU
Station: K3IU

Class: SOAB HP
Operating Time (hrs): 2.5

 Band  QSOs  State/Prov  DX  Zones
   40:  26       19       2     3
   20:  56        3      28     6
   15:  14        0      11     7
Total:  96       22      41    16  Total Score = 18,328

Club: CT RI Contest Group

Minimal effort from here. I just can't seem to keep my butt in the chair as long as I used to.

CQWW RTTY – K1JSM avatar

Call: K1JSM
Operator(s): K1JSM
Station: K1JSM

Operating Time (hrs): 20
Location: USA
Club: CT RI Contest Group


Band	QSOs	
40:	61	
20:	214	
Total:	275		Total Score	92,655

Please Post your CQ WW RTTY Scores
Please Post your CQ WW RTTY Scores avatar

Call: W1DX
Operator(s): W1AN
Station: W1AN

Class: SO(A)AB HP
Operating Time (hrs): 19
Location: USA
Club: CT RI Contest Group


Band	QSOs	State/Prov	DX	Zones
80:	85	31	        17	7
40:	318	45	        44	14
20:	447	35	        72	23
15:	119	6	        42	16
Total:	969	117	        175	60	Total Score	745,536

This was the first contest after nearby lightning took out the K3, several PC’s, TV, Tivo and maybe undiscovered as of yet electronics. This was to be a burn in/trial run of the K3 after replacing the IO boards. The main shack logging PC lost two Com ports in the hit so I reconfigured to use its spares. All appeared well at contest kickoff, but it soon became clear later the PC would not accept audio, locked upped repeatedly, and after several reboots acted as if it was possessed. I had enough for the first night and in the morning and after changing out the PC and transferring the log all was “well” for the remainder except for S9 noise and intermittent internet. Happily the K3 survived the burn-in.

Enjoyed the contest and the Patriots game and others on Sunday. RTTY lets you do that!

Boxboro W1AN and W1XX Saturday
Boxboro W1AN and W1XX Saturday avatar

Posted on September 1, 2018 by W1AN 
We plan on being in the flea market space sometime around Saturday Sept 8th at 9:00 AM. Look for the intelligent looking guys in the red shirts by the white Ford van. Stuff to sell? Bring it. Mark it up with call and price. Leaving for home no later than 5:00PM.
73, John W1AN

Antenna Help Needed Sat. Aug. 18
Antenna Help Needed Sat. Aug. 18 avatar

RAIN…RAIN…RAIN…enemy number 1 of antenna work. Ten hearty CTRI members showed up this past Saturday for a club meeting/antenna raising.  Guess which didn’t get done?

CTRI Contest Group is a helping hand bunch.  It was decided to try again this Saturday, August 18 at 9 AM at the W1XX QTH, 48 Shannock Rd., South Kingstown.  My 160 meter vertical thanks you!

It shouldn’t take over an hour. It takes 3 “crankers” on the winches, guy rope holders, and spotters.  Not hard to do, but several folks needed for success.  Hardhats recommended.  We will celebrate with a BBQ.

So no one makes the trip in vain, your affirmative RSVP reply needed here in comments, email to w1xx[at]cox[dot]net, or voice message at 401-783-1588.  I know some can’t make it…certainly understandable.  If we have enough manpower committed, and the weather holds up, we’re a GO. If we don’t have enough folks to do the job or the weather looks unfavorable, by 7 AM Saturday I will post a CANCEL comment to this thread on the website, ctri[DOT]club.

73! — John, W1XX 8/13/2018


CTRI Meeting Saturday Aug. 11 @ W1XX QTH
CTRI Meeting Saturday Aug. 11 @ W1XX QTH avatar

The CTRI Contest Group will hold its August meeting this coming Saturday August 11 at 9:00 AM at the QTH of W1XX, 48 Shannock Road, South Kingstown, RI.  Agenda:  Field Day results analysis; upcoming contests.

Your host requests an early arrival at 8:30 AM for the somewhat annual raising of the 160 meter vertical that took a storm hit last March.  Your help would be very much appreciated.  It takes several hands to man the 3 boat trailer winches and guy ropes to assure success.

Suggest parking on Shannock Road as the driveway will be blocked at the top by the antenna.  Sorry… rope tow transportation to the top of hill not presently operational.  Hardhats (extras if you got ’em) recommended.

Hot dogs (Saugys of course) and hamburgers on the grill post meeting.

Please join us.  Members and  guests welcome. 401-783-1588 if you get lost. 73!  — John, W1XX

KE1S 2018 Field Day Log Analysis
KE1S 2018 Field Day Log Analysis avatar

KE1S 2018 Field Day Log Analysis

By John Lindholm, W1XX

Objective:  (1) Break down the log mathematically to see if there are things we can do better in the future. (2) Analyze the performance of the antennas.

Caveats:  (1) Since it is an objective of our Field Day to get everyone involved, there is a certain “training” aspect of the operation.  This has an effect on the “numbers.”  (2)  There are numerous “variables” that cannot readily be taken into account:  operator skill; nighttime operations which tend to slow down results; break times; propagation vagaries; cross station interference; radio and operator malfus; modal proficiency difference;  etc. (3) Nonetheless, there is sufficient data to draw some general conclusions.


Overall Numbers:

 (1) Total QSOs by KE1S = 1470 + 22 GOTA QSOs by W1DX = 1492 Total QSOs.  This analysis disregards QSOs by W1DX and 6 meter QSOs.  We consider only 2 stations; QSOs/hr are per station.

(2) Total hours on SSB = 22.8; total hours on CW = 17.2.  Total on-the-air time = 40.0 hours.  FD = 24 hours  x 2 stations = 48 hours.  Thus we “wasted” a total on 8 hours.

(3)  SSB QSOs/hr= 31.2.  CW QSOs/hr = 42.0.  Total QSOs/ hr = 35.3.


Total Per Band Numbers:

Band  QSOs  QSOs/hr

80       315     28.1

40       369     36.5

20       503     37.2

15       225     43.3

6          58       N/A

TOT    1470  35.3


Total Per Band/Mode Numbers:

Band  CW     QSOs/hr        SSB     QSOs/hr

80       55       45.8               260     26.0

40       303     37.4               66       33.0

20       207     40.5               296     35.2

15       158     56.4               67       27.9


Hex-Beam v. 20/40 Wire Performance:

Performance comparison of the Hex-Beam v. the 4-element 20 meter portion of the 40/20 wire (henceforth referred to as the “wire”) pertains only to 20 meters where both can operate.

  1. 20 meters SSB on the Hex from 2 PM start – 3: 50  = 1.8 hrs for 58 Qs @ 32.2 Qs/hr.  Wire was being repaired during this time.
  2. From 3:48 PM – 4:43 = .9 hrs.  20 CW on wire = 53 Qs/hr. 20 SSB on Hex = 22 Qs/hr.
  3. From 3:48 – 6:47 = 3 hrs. 20 CW on wire =34 Qs/hr. 20 meters SSB on Hex  from 2 PM start – 4:43 = 2.7 hrs = 28.8 Qs/hr.
  4. Difficult to draw any conclusions here as cross station interference was significant. More on this subject later.


First Time on 40 Meters CW:

First time on 40 CW on the “wire” was from 6:47 PM  — 12:18 AM  with 272 QSOs in 5.5 hrs = 49.5/hr.


More Hex v. Wire Comparison on 20 Meters During Sunday Daybreak

During the best run of the contest – from 7:20 AM to 8:37 – Pat NG1G  had 91 QSOs on 20 meter SSB on the Hex for a rate of 81/hr during the 1.12 hour span.


Because 15 meters was showing promise at this time, Pat was switched to the wire for 20 meter SSB while the Hex went to 15.  What was the effect and was it a good move?


20 SSB now operated on the wire.  Using the next 1.12 hour span for comparison to the previous 1.12 hour period on the hex = 55 Qs @ 49.0/hr.  Clearly a drop.  But meanwhile, the Hex now on 15 meter mostly CW for the same 1.12 time period = 67 QSOs @ 60/hr.


The Hex remained on 15 to the end at 2 PM (with two dead periods) for 4.7 hrs,

211 QSOs @ 44.9/hr.



  • The Hex-Beam really works! It would take little extra effort to get it up another 10 – 15 feet where it might play even better.
  • On Sunday morning, we switched 20 SSB from the Hex to the wire. As a result, Pat felt that the hex played better than the wire. He’s right. The rate dropped from the off-the-charts 81 to 49. But was this caused by his initially being “fresh meat” as the band opened?  We’ll never know but obviously the subsequent 15 meter performance made it the right move.  And the wire rate of 49/ hr was still way more than the average SSB rate.
  • The 40/20 wire played really well on 40 CW a bread-n-butter band – lesser so on SSB. 40 SSB is a tough QRM band.  It may not have played quite as well on 20 as the Hex.
  • We had 260 QSOs on 80 meter SSB at a rate of only 26.0/hr. That was 10.0 hours of graveyard shift working hosts of “please copy” operators. Since the CW rate was 45.8/hr. in only 1.2 hours of operating, we could have used more CW operators on the graveyard shift. The 80 meter antenna did work very well.
  • While on the graveyard shift, we could have used a K3 and N1MM expert to better handle a couple of midnight malfus.
  • Fifteen meters really played well on the Hex. Maybe 10 meters next year?
  • There was a nice 6 meter E-skip run to the Midwest from about 3:15 – 3:45 Saturday afternoon. Only occasional stray groundwave Qs after that. 58 Total Qs. Luck plays an important role on this band.
  • To operate same band different modes – such as 20 CW and SSB at the start of the contest – we need band filters.
  • GOTA: Unless we have an overnight operator, the only antenna we need is for 20 and probably a better antenna if we are to make hay here. We may need a better transceiver here.

(10) Satellite:  Good effort this year.  Next year pay dirt.

Comments:  Comments are solicited here and at the next club meeting August 11.