June ARRL VHF Contest Results
June ARRL VHF Contest Results avatar

WB2VVV was QRV for the June ARRL VHF Contest in the Single Op Unassisted Low Power Category.

Log as submitted:

MHZ   Grids   QSOs
50       81    174
144      14     30
222       8     12
432       7      9
903       4      4
1296      3      3
Total   118    233
Score: 31,239

Thanks to those members whose QSOs made it into my log! It was certainly nice to see 6 meters open to the West and South on Sunday with varying Sporadic E Skip. I was also pleased to be able able to hear 2 stations clearly on 2304 MHz but just didn’t have enough transmitter to be heard with only 5 Watts of the allowed 50 Watts.

73, Chris WB2VVV

Happy Holidays and Thanks for those 160m Qs!
Happy Holidays and Thanks for those 160m Qs! avatar

I was up my tower today in the nice wx to realign some antennas that were twisted on the mast and saw the remains of a massive Hornets Nest under my top plate. Wow, that would have been an unpleasant climb with a quick descent had I gone up there before the big windstorm blew their nest off the tower. I also fixed my 160m antenna and made 60 QRP Qs this weekend to check it out – and to make sure our big guns XX and AN had the RI multiplier in their logs. Purely S&P with such low power and interesting which stations can hear and which can’t. Worked as far West as MO. I will send in my paper log later on for what the puny score is worth. 73, Chris