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My 40m rotary dipole had twisted on the mast from the recent winds we have had and today I went up to re-align it. The wind had settled to under 20 mph by late afternoon, but by the time I got up there a snow squall started – really more like ice pellets. All in it was less than a 2 hour simple job, but I thought I would share a picture of the now re-aligned booms (which mitigate interaction between the antennas). My XYL took the picture of me up there. I would also have liked to have included front and back pictures of me in my full body harness with fall arrest, lanyards, and my add-on Kangaroo Pouch for tools, but was unable to select more than one image to add tp the post. That would have made a good follow-up to the recent tower safety presentation we had! Best 73, and Happy New Year, Chris WB2VVV


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  1. Thanks Pat. This time of the year you have to seek out even small weather breaks for antenna work.
    73, Chris WB2VVV

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