Winter Field Day
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Anyone else going to be doing WFD?  Here at NC1CC/wa1bxy going to be running a home station little to cold for this guy…. Going to be doing a LP M2 setup. If anyone is looking/wanting to operate for few hours or?  Going to have 2-7300 setup using mostly all wires from 160-10. but also have hustler 6btv that works extremly well, and that can be shared thru A TRIPLEXER.. If anyone is interested send me a email/message.

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  1. CTRI as a Club is not doing anything for Winter Field Day, but Newport Radio Club (NRC) is setting up a tent at The Glen in Portsmouth RI from 2PM Saturday to 2PM Sunday.

    I was thinking to stopping by to visit some work/NRC friends there in the rain & cold. With hot coffee. And tell them CTRI does Field Day under a real roof with air conditioning and steak.

  2. Why would anyone be attracted to air conditioning and steak for Field Day? Suffering is so much better.

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