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  1. Ed:
    When I tried to log in from this screen(Test of PDF embedding that I got to by clicking on the link in the email), it takes me right to the “Dashboard” (I think it is mine) and I’m unable go get back to this page without using the “Back” button in the browser and that, of course, leaves me Not Logged in.

    I’ll see if I can find this page from a regular web site access.

  2. Ken, see if you can see the Minutes of July 24, 2010 pdf now. If not do you get a “Missing Plug-in” instead? If so then the Shockwave plug-in is missing in your browser.


  3. However, I got a pop-up saying I needed to install Shockwave 1.15(I think that was the number) abd after I installed it I can no longer see the embedded pdf file.

    Hmmmmm. I think I’ll shut down browser and re-start it

  4. OK, Ed. I think I’ve found the problem with FF. Reviewing the plug-ins (Tools/Add-ons) I discover that there are TWO plug-ins for Shockwave…

  5. Don’t know what happened there, but I found myself with an empty screen after I was half done…

    I think I have found the problem with FF. Looking at the plug-ins (Tools/Add-ons) there are two Shockwave plug-ins listed: (1) Shockwave Flash (Shockwave Flash 10.1 r530); and (2) Shockwave for Director (Adobe Shockwave for Director Netscape plug-in, version 11.5).

    With Shockwave Flash enabled and I disable the Shockwave for Director, everything works correctly and the PDF file displays nicely. If I then enable the Director, the PDF doesn’t show.

    I’ll keep poking…

  6. Oops… wrong again. It worked 3 times in a row and then back to not showing the PDF again.


  7. Oops… I was too quick on that last post. I checked and the Shockwave Director plug-in was NOT disabled. When I disabled it, the PDF file appeared.

    Another sigh…

  8. Even More info…

    Using IE 8.0:

    Two Adobe Shockwave plug-ins are associated with this browser
    1.Shockwave ActiveX Control v 11.5.7
    2.Shockwave Flash Object v

    With both enabled, the PDF file does NOT display. If I DISable the ActiveX Control plug-in, the pdf file displays.


  9. On another ‘puter with FF 3.6.8. PDF file displayed immediately. Checking the plug-ins reveals an older version of Shockwave Flash ( and no Director Netscape plug-in like on my office machine.


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