Minutes of May 8, 2010
Minutes of May 8, 2010 avatar

Crandall House, Ashaway, RI

Meeting was brought to order at approximately 11:25 am by president John W1AN

Members in attendance: NG1G, KA1GEU, KA1VMG, K1DM, KS1J, W1XX, W1AN, W1PN

Committee & Officer Reports

Contest Manager

Championship Standing

HiPwr 1st place W1AN 3.8M , 2nd place K3IU 3.7M

LoPwr 1st place KS1J 1.7M, 2nd place W1WBB 1.5M

QRP 1st place W1IG 92K

The NEQP had pretty good club participation but needs more next year. This report started a ragchew about “just wait ’till next year ….”


There was a wide ranging discussion of whether and how to manage the swap meet.

W1AN reserved two poolside rooms at Boxboro convention hotel as no suites were available. One could be used for sleeping and one as a hospitality room if hotel will make furniture alterations. A total of six or seven people could sleep in the two rooms.

Jim KS1J posed the question: “Should the club expend so much effort, either for our own benefit (hospitality suite, info table, raffle sales) or for the convention’s (parking direction, etc.).” After some discussion it seemed to be th consensus that we should.

Pat NG1G commented that the convention gets smaller every biennial and through it all CTRI CG has participated more than any other organization. We should continue.

W1AN will converse with hotel about arranging facilities in the rooms.

NG1G will coordinate volunteers

Moved (W1XX/K1DM) Contingent upon finding a volunteer to handle the raffle that no more than $300 from the treasury be allocated to raffle items. Passed without dissent.

Other topics

No word on a club logo update.

A committee was formed (NG1G, K1DM, W1AN) to study the desirability of a club station at the US Coast Guard Academy or other venue and report at a future meeting.

Meeting adjourned at about 1:30pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Ed Haskell, W1PN, Secretary