New Login Registration Feature – eMail Notification of new posts
New Login Registration Feature – eMail Notification of new posts avatar

When you login if you look near the bottom of the right hand sideboard you will see a widget titled SUBSCRIBE TO POSTS. If you put your email address into the dialog box and press the Submit button you will get a screen compaining that you haven’t put the correct entry in the Captcha box. Ignore the fact that you haven’t even tried to do so yet and put your best interpretation of the scrambled characters you see in the Captcha display into the input field and press enter. Chances are good that you will have to fill in the input field several times to get it to go.  This is a pain but it stops spambots from messing up our website and stealing your email address, etc.

You will be told that an email has been sent to you that you must respond to. Follow the directions.

Now what do you get for all this aggravation? Whenever a new post appears on the website you will get an email telling you about that. When next you log in you should read the post and if it is a subject you would like to follow you can check the Subscribe to this Post box and you will be notified when the post is edited or when comments to that post are entered. The net result of all this is that you will be notified whenever a new subject is raised and will then be able to arrange to be further notified when it is updated if you are interested in the subject.