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  1. Hi John:

    When I click on either of the above links, a new Tab in the browser opens and I get a notification that is a “WordPress failure notice.” The first time I tried it, the log in screen came up. I was Not able to log in using that screen. I went back to the Home page, logged in successfully and now get the Failure Notice.


  2. Interesting. The pdf’s showed up when I first created the post. Now I have the same result as Ken. I was logged in at the time. I wonder if that is why it worked then.

  3. OK. Maybe the location I placed the files is wrong. I used the dashboard and the upload tool. The files show up when you “List Yo Files” and use file browser. Is this a private file location? There seems to be no easy way to link to them. The linux permissions look OK for viewing by all.

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