Amateur Radio Week in Rhode Island
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I am very pleased to inform you that Field Day 2011 will be special.
The RI House of Representatives passed a resolution last week that proclaims
the week ending with Field Day in 2011 as Amateur Radio Week in Rhode Island.
The week starting on Monday June 20 and ending on Sunday June 26, 2011 is officially
proclaimed to be Amateur Radio Week in Rhode Island. I have been working with
Rep. Karen MacBeth, District 52 (Cumberland) since January and didn’t tell anyone
about it until now because I wasn’t at all certain that with all the issues occupying the time
of our legislators, that our proclamation would reach the floor to be read and voted upon
in time for 2011 Field Day. But, it was passed last week, without a single nay vote.
I have requested a copy of the official proclamation and will send you a scan of it.
Please publicize this special designation in your local media release and with your club members.
Rep MacBeth and Sen. Roger Picard have prepared a bill for consideration that will
designate the week ending with Field Day every year, as Amateur Radio Week.
Of course, passing a bill is more problematic and it may not be successful this year.
We will reintroduce it again next year if necessary.
Passage of this bill will make Field Day week in RI officially designated as Amateur Radio Week
every year in perpetuity, I believe to be a great goal. But, in the interim, we at least have it for this year.
Good luck to you on Field Day. I hope to see you when I tour RI FD sites. Hopefully, I will have
the official proclamation with me for you to see and read.