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So, how goes the battle?  I mean, of course, your battle with Morse code.  At the upcoming April meeting of CTRI Contest Group, you will have an opportunity to demonstrate how much you have improved in just one short month.  I would also like to know how many hours you have spent practicing, or at a minimum, how many runs of RufzXP you have completed.  You can find that out by viewing the RufzXP main screen:
The number of attempts you have made is shown in the lower right corner of the window.  You can also see your top score, and the highest speed you have successfully copied so far.
To determine the winner of the 2011 ARRL Handbook, we’ll calculate the percentage improvement for each participant.  The formula we’ll use will look like this:
[(Today’s Score) minus (Original Score)] times 100
Percent Improvement =     .
(Original Score)
For reference, I have included a spreadsheet showing how each participant did in the original test run you did at the March meeting.
If you haven’t been practicing, there is still time.  Try what NG1G has been doing; when he gets a few free minutes, he runs a session.  Over a day, he figures he’s getting about one hour practice each day.  He also told me that the new Handbook is his.  I think those contestants who started with the lowest scores have the best chance, but that presumes that they are practicing.
We shall see how things go this month.  Since everyone has been practicing, you all have an advantage over the score you posted last month.  You’re more familiar with how to use the program, and you know what to expect.  So, it’s an open race, and anyone could get lucky and have a collection of short calls made up of long letters, and win the prize.  Good luck to all.