Integrating FT1000D / RIGblaster pro N1MM/
Integrating FT1000D / RIGblaster pro  N1MM/ avatar

Working (struggling) to integrate the Yaesu FT1KD with the RIGblaster pro, as well as with N1MM both SSB and Digital – esp. MMTTY.


Does anyone in this astute group have any experiece, tips, or other guidance?


                      73 / Jim / k1sd / Rhode Island


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Integrating FT1000D / RIGblaster pro  N1MM/ avatar

  1. Jim,

    I have played a little with the RigBlaster pro. Make sure you read the manual to program what seems like an endless number of jumpers. The most important thing is make sure you don’t use the same power supply for the rig and the RigBlaster. While this makes no sense to me, and seems like a bad design, I suspect it has something to do with ground loops and the problems they create.

    Good luck

    73, Mike, K1DM

  2. I would work on it systematically. Get the transmit keying to work, then CW, then FSK keying, The audio from the FT1K needs to be preferably from the FSK connector or packet connector where the levels do not change with the volume control. The hardest part is getting audio from the PC at the right level into the rig and to keep it that way. RF gets back into the audio path too easily when transmitting. The Rigblaster has isolation transformers but, like Mike says, it can still have problems when RF follows the grounds and cabling.

    Once you get all your audio settings right, Take notes! I still have occasional issues with RF getting back into the audio. I don’t do much PSK. For RTTY I don’t use AFSK. FSK can eliminate most of the hair pulling and can be done with a simple adapter.

    John, W1AN

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