CQ WW RTTY avatar

As a reminder (not that we necessarily need one), the CQ WW RTTY contest is on this weekend, and we’re trying to drum up some support for a multioperator, two-transmitter effort. If you can manage the time, please make the trip to W1AN’s station and participate. I think you’ll find it to be a lot of fun!

As an aside, while thinking about posting this request I came to realize that in order to assure myself of reaching everyone, I need to post this on the Yahoo group and on the web site. I would sincerely like to see us migrate away from the Yahoo group and use the web site exclusively. I can’t understand why we are still posting the majority of messages on the Yahoo group when so much work has gone into creating a better environment on the web site.

If there are issues with the web site let’s please discuss and resolve them. If not, can we PLEASE exit the Yahoo group for good within the next week or so (and then simply delete the group)? Certainly we should be able to agree that we are worse off with two discussion forums as opposed to the one we used to have, can’t we?

Pat, NG1G