2011 CQWW RTTY W1DX Results
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Hi Gang! I thought I would make an abbreviated posting for the results of the W1DX CQWW RTTY contest operation. We operated in the Multi -2 category. There was approximately a total of 32 hours of operating time put in by W1AN, K1DM, W1PN, NG1G, NR1H and the newest contest operators Steve, KB1VEZ, and CG Academy Cadets Laura KB3VQN and Ryan, KB3VQM. We all had a great time and it was a pleasure having the operation here at W1AN.

John W1AN





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2011 CQWW RTTY W1DX Results avatar

  1. Hi Guys

    Spent about 25 hours in this. I hadn’t done a CQWW RTTY in about three years and forgot about the fact that it has a jillion multiplier categories but I had more trouble picking up state mults than I thought. Didn’t try 80 since the antenna isn’t ready yet. Once again I did assisted. I have the funny feeling that I wasn’t getting all the spots that I should have. Maybe we can talk at one of the upcoming meetings about how to setup for assisted operation with RBN, skimmer and regular spots.

    Conditions were terrific. Ten was unbelievable and open late. It was like the good old days. I heard/worked W1DX KI1G.

    Jim KS1J

    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, RTTY

    Call: KS1J
    Operator(s): KS1J
    Station: KS1J

    Class: SOAB(A) LP
    QTH: RI
    Operating Time (hrs):

    Band QSOs Pts State/Prov DX Zones
    80: 0 0 0 0 0
    40: 112 257 9 38 26
    20: 252 648 20 70 31
    15: 373 1052 22 69 23
    10: 412 1190 21 71 14
    Total: 1149 3147 72 248 94 Total Score = 1,302,858

    Club: CT RI Contest Group

  2. Nice going Jim! I left W1AN’s Saturday evening but we worked 10M pretty much all day and into the early evening. I took a break from school work Sunday morning and worked 27 new band countries on 10M RTTY. 5BDXCC is just one country away for me now, once I get the confirmations, of course.

    I agree that assisted operation would be a great discussion at the next meeting. For those single ops who aren’t quite as concerned with winning as we are with improving our score or getting more countries, it’s a great way to go.

    Pat, NG1G

  3. Whilst the visiting cadets from the USCGA were at W1AN, I was at the USCGA with over 90 of the 119 classmates that graduated celebrating our 50th reunion at Homecoming weekend at the Academy. I had a GREAT time, didn’t get home until mid morning on Sunday, and during the day I only was able to put in about 3 and a half hours for the contest. When I turned the rig on, I was delighted to hear 15 and 10 meters open. Sounded like great conditions. Here is my summary:

    Band QSOs Pts DX Zn StP
    14 10 26 8 5 2
    21 105 276 33 13 13
    28 46 136 25 10 0
    Total 161 438 66 28 15

    Score : 47,742

  4. You mean 10 meters isn’t like this every contest weekend? It was great fun watching the cadets working stations that we all would die to get into our logs! They both want to know when is the next contest!
    The W1CGA gang is going to W1AW on 10 October to visit the league and maybe we’ll get some of them on the air. Anyone want to join? Tour guide will be K1DM.
    Steve, KB1VEZ had fun working RTTY on HF as well. At one point we had four people operating the two stations at W1DX while W1AN, NG1G and I (K1DM) were sitting around talking to each other. Obviously, many operators makes the contest easier, and more fun for all.
    Ed, W1PN was a huge help on Sunday. John, W1AN and he kept the station going. I didn’t get back until about 4 hours before the end of the contest. But, we attained our goal of 2K Qs and 3 mil points. Now our score is in the hands of the checkers! Great fun, great station, great host/hostess. John and Nancy are awesome. The station operated flawlessly. The software needs some discussions. Mike, K1DM

  5. Mike,

    10 October is Columbus Day. Is the League open? I don’t have classes that day, so I might be interested in going. How soon would you need to know?

    As for the software issues, I do not remember N1MM giving us anywhere near that much trouble before. I’m going to get N1MM set up for RTTY contesting at my house and play around with it during the Makrothen RTTY Contest October 8-9. Of course I won’t be using the networking capability but I’d like to see if I experience any of the same symptoms. Perhaps some of our more experienced N1MM users could help us with our issues.

    Contest logging programs do some weird stuff. Norm, NR1H, was having trouble with Writelog this weekend because it wouldn’t highlight stateside call signs. When he exited and restarted the program (twice), it started acting normally. Strange.

    Pat, NG1G

  6. I was able to get the MOXON repaired and back up along with a high 20 prior to the contest, conditions were just plain WOW. Worked KS1J, W1AN, W1BYH and thanks to John KO1H for running through the 5 bands with me for the multipliers. Worked a few new RI calls that I will have to go back and dig out of the log, might be some new blood for the club. Sorry if I missed anyone, still a bit sleep deprived.

    Glad to hear the W1DX station back on the air and with some new callsigns after its run-ins with mother nature.

    Call: KI1G
    Operator(s): KI1G
    Station: KI1G

    Class: SOAB(A) HP
    QTH: RI
    Operating Time (hrs): 44
    Radios: SO2R

    Band QSOs Pts State/Prov DX Zones
    80: 251 459 50 41 12
    40: 619 1425 50 74 24
    20: 700 1765 52 94 32
    15: 1005 2643 51 103 35
    10: 846 2330 37 91 30
    Total: 3421 8622 133 403 240 Total Score = 6,690,672

    Club: CT RI Contest Group


    What more can be said…”Theres no meters like 10 Meters”, glad to see that it has taken it’s first step toward waking up. I was surprised to have HS0ZDY and YB1AR call in Saturday morning on 10 meters while I was runnning Europe. There was lots of great DX activity, Asia seemed well represented this weekend, not as much from Oceanea.

    It was tough to decide on when to rest. The middle of the night openings to Europe at and after their sunrise has been missing for a number of years, but returned this weekend.

    Thanks for all of the QSO’s and QSY’s, see you all again next time around.

    Rick KI1G

  7. Pat and Ed,

    I double checked and the League is open on Monday, Oct 10, 2011. I also made sure it would be permissible for me to guide the tour, and the person in charge of tour guides agreed. You are welcome to join us. If anyone else want’s to join the Cadets from the Coast Guard Academy on an ARRL HQ Tour which will include a visit to W1AW just for grins is welcome to join us. Please let me know if you are planning to join in. If the crowd gets too big, I will enlist the help of another guide. Too many people in a group tends to detract from the quality of the tour for everyone.

    Mike, K1DM – ARRL Volunteer Tour Guide (among other jobs that they find to keep me off the streets!)

  8. Rick, Nice score. You never cease to amaze us. I see in 3830 the top Non-US score in SOAB (A) HP that is very close to yours. Looks like you are in the running for the World win category.

    John, W1AN

  9. Great Score Rick. I wonder if this was SO2R as usual and if you were using Writelog. I am close to abandoning it for a variety of reasons but have held on since I use the W5XC MultiKeyer in my puny SO2R setup. So if I drop Writelog, I’ll need something to replace that.

    I think the club racked up a pretty good score. Not certain what the total is now but should be pretty respectable.


    Jim KS1J

  10. Rick, that is an amazing score. I’m not sure I could work 44 hours of a contest any more. Either way, what a great effort! Congratulations!

    It would be great if one or two of those new RI ops would join our club.

    Pat, NG1G

  11. Jim,

    Yes, This was SO2R and I am still using Writelog with MMTTY and find it quite stable. What issues are you having with it? I have never used the W5XC keyer so I am not familiar with the specifics of that, I use PC generated CW and have an external paddle/keyer that goes to an A/B switch and then gets plugged directly into the rigs. The A/B switch determines which rig the keyer/paddles are routed to. I like to use the paddles for the off script stuff instead of doing the ALT-K and trying to type.


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