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Hi everyone,

I am selling my station and wanted to give the members first shot before posting anywhere else. The complete station is going, radios, towers, and ant and all misu stuff. I’m not sure when the next meeting is but if you’d like to come look around and see if there is anything you might like i can open the shack up after the meeting. The big idems are: FT-1000D, Ameratron 575, 50′ Rohn 45 with flat top with Alpha spid rotator & TH-5 Tribander, 35′ Rohn 25 with flat top Ham 4 rotator , TH3 Mark III tri-bander, all coax , Extra guy cables and more. If you can”t make it to the next meeting you can contact me at: with your phone number and I can give you a call.

Bill N1HRA