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  1. Thanks for the heads up, Pat. I worked him just as he was saying that he was going QRT. It was good to chat with him, however, briefly. He sounded pretty good.

    Ken K3IU

  2. Oh good, I’m glad you were able to talk with him, Ken. I just checked the freq right before posting this and yup, he’s gone. He had a beautiful signal, as always. He’s having trouble with his FT-1000D – it’s only putting out 5W, and he asked if there’s someone up here who might be able to fix it. I think he said John, W1AN had recommended someone but that person wouldn’t be able to look at it until January.

    I know Rich, W1TBR used to do repairs in his VERY well-appointed lab at home, so I’m going to ask if he’d be willing to look at it. If it’s transistors, I think I remember W1AN saying he got them from Yaesu for his 1000D.

    Pat, NG1G

  3. Guys, I talked to Carlos on 10M a couple of weeks ago. He is looking forward to seeing us again. The CQ Wpx RTTY is next February and in March I believe the SSB WPX. Check your schedules and think about operating with Carlos at NP3U next year or 2013/14. He has some new antennas up and the sunspot max is coming!
    John, W1AN

  4. I have just received the ARRL RTTY roundup plaque sponsor, form in the mail. Who should I mail this form to handle the mailing of a check. Is it Chuck Newman, if so whats his address. Then he can make the change of address when the form is submitted. Hope all is well with the group. Been busy with my Local Church.

    Dan Roy, ka1bno

  5. Dan,

    Thanks for following up with that. Chuck’s qrz.com address is okay; I’ve sent him things there.

    Pat, NG1G

  6. Dan – The form should go to Chuck. I assume mail to his QRZ.com address – KA1CQR. Thanks and 73, Bill W1WBB

  7. Hi Pat, You can ask Rich W1TBR to look at that rig if you want to, but I know him very well, and know that his health has been a real issue for the last few months. I asked him to look at my IC-706 and got is back in about 400 pieces! It’s so bad I’ve decide to trash it rather that try to put it back together again. Your call…..

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