Looking Towards New World Record for CQ WPX RTTY

There has been recent discussions about a crew from CTRI heading to Puerto Rico in February 2013 to make a run for the World Record in the WPX RTTY contest. This should be near the peak of the sunspot cycle and will be a great opportunity run up a BIG score at Carlos’ station.

I just did a little research to identify exactly what the records are at the present time. This posting is to put that information in plain view. You should particularly note that the North American record and the United States record are held by pretty familiar callsigns….

Category                                 Record Holder               Year                        Score                    WPX

WORLD – Multi-2                    EA8AH                                  2007                       17,001,420           895
North America – M2             NP3U                                      2008                       14,053,680            894
United States – M2                NG1G (W1AN)                      2011                        7,862,238              873

A crew from CTRI also went south to NP3U in Februray 2009 for this contest. However, the gods weren’t with us on this trip. Equipment problems and antenna problems caused us to be Multi-Single for about 25% of the contest time. The score from that effort for NP3U (9.895,184) was still enough to win First Place Honors, Multi-2, in both the World and North America.


One comment on “PLAN AHEAD

  1. This seems like a great goal. We need to get the crew into training now. Software training/familiarization, operating skills, equipment requirements, etc are all things we can start working out now. And, we need to get people on the air for the RTTY contests in a multi-2 mode.

    We all know this, but it isn’t too early to begin getting serious. Mike, K1DM

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