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Call:  W1XX

Operator:  W1XX

Station: W1XX

Class:  Single Op HP


Operating Time (hrs):  11.5


   80:  115

   40:  509

   20:  140

   15:   50

   10:  282


Total:  1096 Sections = 80 Total Score = 175,040

Club:  CTRI Contest Group

Comments:  Operating less than full bore time-wsie was kinda neat as the runs almost never stopped.  After opening up with 5 solid hours, went to sleep as per normal and operated in short burts thereafter.  RI was apparently a tough one this time as the pileups kept the rate-meter burning.  10 meters was a difference maker as I’m sure I worked a lot more west coast LP stations who probably can’t make it as well on 20 or 40.  40 started out slow but came through with the most Qs in the long run as per usual.  Found VY1EI on 10 a half hour before the contest…so set one vfo on him while running elsewhere and called in about an hour into the contest when his pileup had subsided somewhat. Think I only worked one PR…SK was last to fall but got another one later….KL7s were plentiful….KH6 no problem….I think only one VI.  Unlike on CW, plenty of NEs.  Only heard W1WBB and W1CTN from CTRI.  Worked the last hour of the contest on 40 and it was wall-to-wall callers looking for RI right up the end.  I’m usually done by this time…so maybe I’ve been missing a very productive hour.  SS is always fun!!  73!  –John, W1XX    

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  1. Congratulations on the “DOUBLE” clean sweep this year, John.

    Since I believe that all points count, I will post my miniscule score. VY1EI was my second QSO and was pretty easy which surprised me ‘cuz I was running low power.

    Call sign: K3IU
    Single Op, Low Power, Unlimited
    Minutes Operated: < 60
    Band      Qs     Mults
    80M:      1        1 (Worked Chris, KA1GEU)
    15M:      3        3
    10M:     10        9
    Total:   14       13
    Score:   364
    Club: CTRI Contest Group
    CLUB: CTRI Contest Group
    Time on: 14:41

    Band QSOs Pts Sec
    3.5 65 130 17
    7 116 232 20
    14 10 20 2
    21 172 344 31
    28 32 64 10
    Total 395 790 80

    Score: 63,200

    Better than last year and my first sweep to boot! QC was the tough one for me. I saw a few of them throughout the contest, but they were always working in the Advanced / Extra part of the bands. Finally one showed up that I could work on Sunday afternoon. I worked W1XX, W1WBB, W1CTN, and K3IU. There may have been others from the group. I need to get a 10m antenna up in the air. My poor amp started smoking just trying to tune up with 2 watts in. So 10m was all low power. I also managed to get my 160m vertical connected about an hour before the contest began, but due to my wiring / switching configuration in the shack, was only able to run low power into that as well. Having no preamp connected to the beverage left 160m operating out of the mix for this contest. The thing has been up in the air for nearly two years and it finally got connected. I’d better be able to get it set up for high power and a preamp connected before this year’s 160m contest.

    Nice score John. I was pretty beat by late Sunday afternoon, so once the sweep was completed. I quit. But in previous years, when I worked less overnight and worked until the end, the last hour of the contest would always bring in the best results for my runs.

  3. It never pays to say which CTRI’ers were worked as I will invariably forget someone. This time it was KA1GEU and W1BYH. Nice going on the clean sweep, Chris! And Ken, I did not get a clean sweep on CW (QRP)….only on SSB. I think you were thinking of Bill, W1WBB…who I think swept both. Speaking of Bill, congrats on the new club job!!!! I’ll have limited time this weekend in CQWW with family goings on. 73!!

    — John, W1XX

  4. ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, SSB

    Call: W1WBB
    Operator(s): W1WBB
    Station: W1WBB

    Class: SO Unlimited LP
    QTH: RI
    Operating Time (hrs): 16.5

    Band QSOs
    80: 147
    40: 115
    20: 131
    15: 61
    10: 59
    Total: 513 Sections = 80 Total Score = 82,080

    Club: CT RI Contest Group


    KY called in during a run I was having on 20m Sunday afternoon for section
    #80…making a Clean Sweep on both modes this season in SS!

    During that same good run on 20m I had no less than 5 ops tell me I was their
    final section for THEIR Sweep on SSB…very cool! A few more said the same
    thing by contest’s end.

    Because of that I put in a number of additional hours for those needing RI.

    PR was #79 and was very difficult…could not break the earlier piles for the
    two of them heard on 10m. Found another a few hours later, also on 10m, before
    the pile-up had swelled, and got thru.

    All Q’s to be uploaded to LoTW shortly. Thanks to all for the fun.

    Rig: Icom 737 @ 100w; Hexbeam up @ 35′ on 10-20M; 88′ doublet @ 45′ on 40/80m
    plus backup 133′ low all-band OCF dipole; N1MM Logger.


    Great job Chris getting the 1st time Sweep with your wires! (Congrats too John!). RI certainly was a much needed mult this year on SSB… by mid-Sunday afternoon I’d been the 80th mult for close to 10 different stations!

    Even though I had the Sweep by then I tried to run as best I could to continue giving out RI. When rate meter dropped to below 20 Q’s an hour on 40M around 00Z Sunday eve while calling CQ I finally went QRT. Did other things earlier Sunday from time to time too and checked in periodically as SS can be a grind late. Put in less time than in SS CW but happy with the balance…it WAS just a Phone contest, anyway!

    Never thought I’d get thru to KP4…very rare, with no real PR contesters active that I heard until the NP4 showed Sunday afternoon on 10M. After bagging him figured running on 20M was my best chance for getting #80, KY…sure enough, one called in during a great 20M run, after I’d been handing out mult #80 to a bunch of folks, so that was fun.

    Just getting this out now as my vintage wireless mouse with manual underside track-ball died late this past weekend. Replacement Logitech optical mouse working fine.

    73, Bill W1WBB

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