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This contest was a blast. There was great activity and great band openings. However, I felt that 10 wasn’t quite as hot as it was for the SSB contest in October. The signals were there but seemed a bit weaker and it didn’t stay open as long. Did anyone else notice this or was it just me? Anyway, I shudda moved down from 10 earier on Saturday when things started slowing down but kept at it thinking the band would stay up. I learned my lesson and on Sunday I moved down to 15 then to 20 about an hour or so earlier than on Saturday.

Unlike the SSB contest, I got more balance by operating on the other bands more evenly. That helped in bringing up the mult total. So I guess the lesson here is that despite the great conditions on 10, staying there all day could actually hurt in the final score.

Ken, great job. When conditions are good like this, it is tough getting out of the chair. There is always another mult popping up or endless EU’s answering your CQ’s. When conditions are rotty, it is a lot easier to push the chair away and do something else. Lets hope things stay hot for at least the next several years.

I tried yet another 80 meter antenna and the jury is still out. I put up a two element phased job. I could pretty much work everything but I was expecting better results over the single element I had before. I still have some tinkering to do on it so time will tell.

Like Ken, I heard K1NEF, KI1G and heard Ken. We need more CW participation. So guys keep practicing with RUFZ and jump into the fray.

BTW I didn’t realize I was to prepare notes for the 10 meter contest!! But no problemo.. I will have something out this week. Don’t expect any great revelations. This is still largely a domestic contest and I am hardly the one to provide advice on racking up big scores in any of those (NAQP, NewEnglanQP or SS). With conditions the way they are, the 10 meter contest ought to be real fun.



 This was Single Op All Band Low Power (Assisted)


QSOs   QSO points   Zones   Countries   Multipliers   Score

160m:       0                           0             0

80m:     130            361        17            53

40m:     366           1043       25            92


20m:     451           1309       28            93


15m:     376           1087       29           104

10m:     695           2046       28            112

Totals: 2018           5846      127           454  581 3,396,526

Jim KS1J

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CQWW CW 2011  – KS1J avatar

  1. Jim,
    I agree with your observations on 10 meters. I noted that in the afternoon things slowed down – when the number of stations on the band map start to fall, something is going on.

    We tended to change bands more in this contest than we have in the recent past at W1AN’s place. I felt that this was a good strategy.

    Great score! I also see a more balanced number of QSO’s on your summary!
    Mike, K1DM

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