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To all,

Sorry I have been a bit tardy with my work on the CTRI 20th Anniversary Special Event but with the recent holiday and a death in the family the week before Thansgiving I have been away from the hobby.

The Special Event would center around the 2013 NEQP held on May 4th and 5th, but we have a 15 day window of operation so I would suggest we get the 1 x 1 callsigns for the period of May 1 thru May 15.

At W1XX’s we discussed the Special Event but we did not discuss what prefix block ie: K, N or W we would like to use for our 1 x 1 S/E callsigns.

It’s my opinion that a single prefix block would make it more uniform for the stations looking for us but whatever the group would like to do is fine with me.

I prefer the “K” prefix as I find KILO is the one that cuts thru the QRM the best…or it could just be my ears !

We can apply for any prefix block or suffix with exception of an “X” suffix (sorry John).

As I stated during the meeting the special event coordinators will not allow me to apply for all the 1 x 1 callsigns as they did in the past.

It would be nice to get a showing of hands of the members that are interested. Just drop me an email in the next couple of days and then I will post the website to go to to request your callsign.

I did a random check of a few callsigns K1A, N1A etc for the period we want and no one as of today has requested any callsigns so we are free to choose.

More to come.




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  1. G’morning, Dave:

    I am interested in the Special Event call sign for NEQP. My preference is also for a “K” series, but if everyone has to make their own application, of course, they would be free to ask for whatever they want. In the interest of community, though, I would think that we should all try to stay with the same general series of S/E call signs.

    Thanks… and sorry to hear of the death in the family.

    Ken K3IU

  2. I’m happy with “K” and agree we should all get on the same train.

    Is the anniversary 2012? or 2013? I thought is was this coming year, but I’m one of the new kids on the block. Who is the official club historian?

    Mike, K1DM

  3. Dave: Good job, Dave. I endorse the K prefix. I would suggest that after you have attained a full show of hands that that = the number in the suffix series and that starting with A through whatever it is, you post this will be our “community block.” Allow time for those whose hands were raised to show their preference…those that don’t you assign from the block. Then give us specific instructions on how to apply for our special callsign. As indicated by others, I think we should avoid a hodge-podge. That way you can let the pubs know that CTRI will have calls K1A – K1-whatever it turns out to be. My hand is raised…and if I can’t have my preference (which may be a dupe) after the series sequence is picked, assign me any call in the sequence. This could be a lot of fun…hey, we may break our own club scoring record we will undoubetly have set in 2011. 73! — John, W1XX

  4. Dave, I endorse the K prefix and any one letter suffix except H Z D A N O U W X. The phonetics for some are easily confused, others are a pain to pronounce in contest (X-ray for example), etc etc

    Is this next year or 2013?

    Jim KS1J

  5. K-prefix sounds fine to me…my hand is also raised. Also wondering — for NEQP 2012 or 2013??

    Many thanks Dave.

    Bill W1WBB

  6. Here’s an excerpt from the “About Us” page of the Old CTRI web site… so I guess it is 2012 that we are looking at to celebrate the 20th Anniversary.

    73, Ken K3IU
    ” The club was started back in 1992 as a project to setup a station where club members and other amateurs from around the area could go and operate.”

  7. Aside to KS1J: X-RAY? What? I’ll turn in my call tomorrow for KZ1HZD. Poor W2DAN over in Tiverton. Out!

    — John, ex-W1XX

  8. The “K” block sounds good to me as well. I’d like K1G, but if that’s not possible I’ll take whatever is next in the sequence. I agree that a sequential suffix for everyone would be nice as far as publicity goes.

    Chris, KA1EU

  9. Looks O”K” to me too. Should be a lot of fun. How about adding a worked all CTRI certificate and get the word out?
    Lets see what we can do with these:

    K1A K1B K1C K1D K1E
    K1F K1G K1H K1J K1K
    K1L K1M K1N K1O K1P
    K1Q K1R K1S K1T K1U
    K1V K1W K1X K1Y K1Z

    Anyone care to make recommendations to match these choices to our CTRI brethren calls? I can see some correlation.

    John, W1AN

  10. I agree with using the “K” prefix. I was initially going to go with N1G but I’ll take anything with “K” I guess.

    Pat, NG1G

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