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  1. ARRL 160 Meter Contetst

    Call: W1XX
    Op: W1XX
    Class: SOHP
    Hrs: 16.25

    Qs Dom Mults DX Mults

    640 60 24
    Score: 117,600

    Club: CTRI Contest Group

    Comments: You should listen to what your radio is saying to you. What was my radio saying to me? Go to 10 meters you dope! 160 is now kaput! My score is one-third of last year’s score. The rate is 13.5/hr slower than last year. Except for a handful of west coast Qs, it might as well have been in Mongolia. The ONLY bright spot was the second night (Sat night – Sunday morning) midnight hours were actually pretty good to EU. Picked up my country count from 10 to 24 with a bunch of EU Qs. They called me as I stayed in the 1835 to 1850 segmnent where they will usually look. CTRI’ers: prepare for a real band next weekend: 10 METERS! Out! — John, W1XX

  2. ARRL 160 Meter CW Contest
    Call: K1DM
    OP: K1DM (Single Op – Low Power)
    HRS: 17.33


    Qs     Dom MULTS   DX MULTS
    547       53          10
    Score:  70,812

    Club: CTRI Contest Group

    Comments: Things slowed down all night on Friday. I started late, but my first two hours I worked 145 stations. But the big guns got pushy and wanted my 1811 frequency so I got pushed out. After that, search and pounce was really slow. I moved to another frequency and continued but the rate seems to get slower and slower. I went to bed around 07:30 Saturday morning. Saturday afternoon I started around 4:00 pm but could never establish a good run. Around midnight I was able to work a few DX stations, but nothing like John was able to get. By about 02:00 local things were so slow, it seemed like I had worked everybody that was calling CQ, and I couldn’t capture a frequency so I went to bed. I got up around 06:30 and worked a couple more (including VE7CC) before I had to get ready for Sunday morning church. This was the most QSO’s I have ever worked in a 160 contest (low-power), but third most multipliers. I usually will snag several more countries, but I couldn’t hear them, nor them me. – See you on 10 this coming weekend. Look for W1CGA — Mike, K1DM

  3. Now I know how to use John’s clue to align your summary. Put the


    in the post, don’t put it in the stuff you paste into the post!:) K1DM

  4. My radio’s saying the same thing…QSY to 28 MHz! Condx very poor Friday on 160m…knew it was bad when almost no Europe heard and a ZF2 couldn’t BUY a QSO in the ‘DX window’, including from me.

    Quite surprised how decent things sounded Sat eve around 0300Z. Still, my US/VE mult and DX numbers ended up way down compared to previous few years…missed all West Coast region (~15 fewer typical mults) and less than half the DX mults and ten-point QSOs than normal, albeit, in only 50-60% of op-time.
    Did snag two KH6’s at sunrise Sunday AM which was nice.

    Thanks to CTRI ops ‘XX, and KO1H(!), for RI Q’s and W1AN, K1DM and K2RS for CT.

    Very much looking forward to this coming weekend’s ARRL 10m ‘test! What are your plans??

    Bill W1WBB

    ARRL 160-Meter Contest

    Call: W1WBB
    Operator(s): W1WBB
    Station: W1WBB

    Class: Single Op LP
    QTH: RI
    Operating Time (hrs): 12.5

    Total: QSOs = 472 Sections = 53 Countries = 8 Total Score = 59,414

    Club: CT RI Contest Group


    Part-time effort…other commitments, no 160m stn improvements this year, plus I
    knew propagation would not rival the fine past few years on Topband.

    Sure enough, Friday night was lousy…no Eu nor much at all west of the
    Mississippi here (and just 2 total DX mults that eve – both from Carib.) after
    getting very late start just after 0400Z 6 hrs into ‘test. Great rate though
    -enjoyed running. Short skip with few at all heard beyond 1500-2000 miles.

    Band opened up Saturday eve when checked after 0300Z with pretty good sigs to
    Carib./SA and U.S. Midwest, and Eu somewhat workable. Both nights were very
    quiet with no static crashes…but then, local QRN appeared at Sat A.M. S/R
    (intermittent but mostly “on” :>(( )…fortunately gone for Day 2.

    Only 10 final total ten-point DX QSOs and only 8 DX mults (4 EU, 2 NA, 2 SA
    )–less than half of previous couple years. And many fewer US/VE mults…abt
    13 to 15 less…*no* U. S. Zone 3 area contacts!

    Wow, the momentum has certainly shifted to 10 meters and away from Topband in a
    hurry. Even so, it was fun!

    Nice to find & work KH6ZM just before my Sunday S/R, then have KH6LC call me
    minutes later. Funny moment late in contest: dueling loud CQs from brothers
    VY2ZM and K3ZM within about 500 KHz and right next to each other.

    Hope to see many in ARRL 10M ‘test. Bigger effort planned for that one here
    using the new Hexbeam at 35’. Only 5 close-in states needed for 10M WAS-LoTW
    so listen for me! Likely very P/T effort in Stew Perry TBDC.

    –Icom IC-737 (’92 vintage!) @ 100 watts; 3/8 wave Inv-L for tx/rx (less than
    40′ up, 150′ over) with 18 assorted ground radials, mostly 1/8 w/l long; N1MM

  5. Mike — well done! Congrats on your personal high 160m LP Q count…it was certainly a battle to find workable Far West domestic mults as well as DX in this one. A compromise antenna and 100w make it very challenging on Topband, especially with marginal propagation. At least the band noise level was quiet with *no* static crashes! What type of 160m antenna are you using?

    Good luck in the 10m ‘test with W1 Coast Guard Academy! Can you describe the planned operation/antennas?


    Bill W1WBB

  6. I only put in 6 hours on this one. My neighbors electric fence was S9+; almost as bad torture as any ham could imagine. The beverages did help as well as the NB on the FT1000. And I agree conditions especially Friday nite stunk. Saturday nite was a little better with several very strong EU stations OM2, OK2, OL7 and EW8 worked. Several Caribbeans were also worked. Early to bed both nights. Very little was heard from the 6 and 7 call areas. I did have the pleasure of working several CTRIers W1XX, K1DM, W1WBB, WE1H, K2RS.

    I had to add two feet to the T Vertical to lower the SWR. Why it changed again I don’t know.

    Single-Op HP
    Section: CT
    QSOs: 247
    Points: 518
    Mults: 58
    DX: 8
    Total 30,044

    John, W1AN

  7. Nice job everybody. This coming weekend should be better (10-meter contest). Don’t forget the Stew Perry the following weekend – another chance to play on 160-meters. Maybe we can get the west coast that weekend.

    10-meter Operation @ W1CGA
    For the 10-meter contest, I am going to get the cadets started on 10-meters. It will be a multi-op single-transmitter mixed mode. I’ll operate CW and the Cadets will operate phone. We have a rotatable multi-element multi-band (20 – 6 ) Mosley beam that should play well. I was listening on 10 on Friday, and it hears. The noise problems that I thought we might have are not there, so we can hear pretty well. I am going to set up N1MM with the TS-2000 transceiver. We will run 100 watts assisted. Hopefully, band conditions will help us out, and we can get the Cadets to enjoy the weekend. It’s their Finals week starting this Friday, but they will find time to play, I am sure! Mike, K1DM

  8. Those are some good scores, especially considering conditions. I was only able to spend about 3 hours in the contest and I operated low power, unassisted. No need for me to echo what everyone else has already said about conditions. I did discover though, that with only 100W I could still work almost everyone I could hear, it just required more repeated calls and fills. So it was pretty fun from that perspective. I really like low power CW operating because I can use QSK and it’s nice and quiet in the shack. I was hoping to snag one or two of the four states I need for 160M WAS but no dice. Maybe next time. Worked WE1H, W1XX, and K1DM.

    79 Q x 158 Pts x 29 Sec = 4,582. Antennas – 80M 1/2 wave inv. vee at 40′ and bev/bog trashtenna, which found limited use this year.

    I’m planning a big effort in the 10M contest next weekend. Maybe we’ll see solar flux above 170, possibly 180 for the contest, which is above what NOAA is calling for. Last year I was only able to put in 10 hours and scored almost 26,000 points. I don’t remember what I gave for a goal to John, W1XX, but whatever it was it should be easy to make. I might also go low power unassisted for this contest too.

    Pat, NG1G

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