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  1. I finished early because I need to get some school work done, but I’m happy with the results. I might write more later for comments.

        Qs    Pts    Sec    DX
    CW  231   924    35     49
    PH  398   796    34     34
        629  1720    69     83    261,440

    I had to go SO HP cuz LP just wasn’t gettin’ it done. Glad I did. Best Q was when a 6W called me on SSB around 1400 local Sunday. Worked KI1G, W1WBB, WE1H, KA1GEU, NR1H(!), and maybe others.

    Pat, NG1G

    I finally took the time to find the html code for formatting the messages here, and fixed my results. Thanks to John, W1AN for posting that!

  2. ARRL 10-Meter Contest

    Call: KS1J
    Operator(s): KS1J
    Station: KS1J

    Class: SO CW LP
    Operating Time (hrs): 7

    Band QSOs Mults
    CW: 511 83
    Total: 511 83 Total Score = 169,652

    Could not do as much as I wanted with Christmas breathing down my neck. So got on sporadically for about a total of seven hours. Only heard/worked Rick KI1G. Had some noise on Sunday towards EU so it made digging out the third tier stations pretty tough.

    I still say the best 10 meter conditions so far were in October. There were strong signals to be sure but also a lot of QSB and the band closed early to EU (at least here at KS1J).

    I was tempted to try MIXED mode but stayed with CW the whole way.


    Jim KS1J

  3. I had a fun time in this one. Originally I planned an all out effort but after a week working on my barn and changing the EGR module assembly in my van Friday, the bones had not done a full recovery. I started late both Saturday and Sunday mornings, missing those early openings to EU. But my big step was made accidentally. As you know, the band has been great lately as the CQWW CW taught us, so why not run low power? At my start at 1450Z Saturday I made my first no amp contact and a second with two OE stations. No problem, but hey I see no power out on the SWR meter. Hmmm? Guess I’ll have to see where the K3 is set. OK 0.1W… Wow! That started me into QRP for the contest. In fact I made the first 50 Qs operating about 95% of the time at 100mw and the rest at a QRO 10db higher at 1W. I was surprised at the remarks a few of the DX stations gave me when I told them I was working them with 100mw. Anyway the experiment was over after the 50 Q mark and I went up to 5W for the duration. I know I was not going to break any records, but I wonder what I could have done if I put in that all out effort at QRP. I had little luck getting any serious runs going either on phone or CW although I really tried. I guess I wasn’t a rare one from RI. Hi! Best DX was JA, multiple ZLs, a VK, a VE8 and multiple HI and AK stations. Not much in Africa or eastern EU worked but many in SA. Not a single 4 lander worked and only a couple W3s. It was nice to see all the activity from XE. I remember working CTRIers KA1GEU and K1DM.

    I’m sure we are going to see some real record breaking scores for this one.

    Contest: ARRL 10M
    Mode: Mixed
    Call: W1AN
    Club CTRI Contest Group
    Category: QRP Mixed Single Op, Non-Assisted
    Band  Mode   QSOs   Points   Cty
    28    CW     130    520      50
    28    SSB    170    340      59
    Total Both   300    860     109
    Score 93,740

    John, W1AN

  4. This was another fun contest. I put in about 18 hours. I’m not sure if that broke a peresonal record, but it must be close. My amp doesn’t like 10m (it crackles a little and smells pretty bad with only 10W of drive) so this was a low power effort. I took Friday off from work to throw up a 10m delta loop for the contest. It seems to work pretty well west to east. Not so well north to south. I was unable to get any South Americas on Saturday, although I could hear a bunch of them. Sunday was a little better. I only got oine FL from 4 land and nothing from 9 land all weekend. But Europe was good. I made one New Zealand contact, and although I could hear a couple of Austrailias, they couldn’t hear me. So the NZ was my only Eastern Asia area contact. I had one fairly good run thatnks to a couple of spots from W1WBB (36 Qs in 30 mins), but the others that I attempted were pretty quiet. I worked W1WBB, N1AN, NG1G and heard W1XX. Sorry if I forgot someone.
    It worked out to 444 QSOs and 113 mults for a score of 100,344. Low Power assisted SSB.

    Chris, KA1GEU

  5. Great turnout from CTRI CG ops this weekend…over a dozen members were heard/worked or were active in the 10m Contest which is excellent. Hope everyone enjoyed the good propagation, although the solar flux and sunspot numbers did dip this weekend to lowest levels seen in 30 days.

    I decided to enter the (new as of this year) *low power* multi-op single tx category because I used the DX spotting cluster, as no official ‘assisted’ category exists in ARRL 10m ‘test. Put in a full day Saturday and worked thru Sunday’s Eu opening, and then operated sporadically…after meeting my personal goal of 500k points. Found a little less participation from rarer DX as only 90 unique countries were worked (vice 100+ in each 2011 CQWW ‘test), although there was no shortage of Europeans to work.

    Asia/Pacific opening improved Sunday over Saturday…did get a couple JAs in the log and the signals from ZL were strong. ZK2V on Niue Isl. was loud and worked quite easily on CW. Had a few good runs on CW to Eu and a nice Sunday afternoon run on SSB around 28.305 which was a great frequency.

    Again, great effort in the club’s Operation ARRL 10m Contest event and hope those who got on-air had a good time.

    BTW, rarest contest mult worked may have been the EA stn who was “/MM” in the Region 1 (R1). Funny moment Sunday on SSB when an SV5 stn in Dodecanese (Greek Isles), who when hearing my state, comes back to me and says “Hey, I’M on the island of Rhodes!”.

    2011 ARRL 10m Contest
    W1WBB: M/op single TX (use of DX cluster) Low Power
     Band  Mode  QSOs    Pts  Cty
        28  CW     550    2200  136
        28  USB    185     370  102
     Total  Both   735    2570  238
    Score: 611,660

    73, Bill W1WBB

  6. Another contest in the books. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I didn’t make the BIC time that I had promised. N1MM Logger says my “On Time” was 9h+37m. I didn’t get started until Saturday morning and then was in and out of the shack during both days. I only recall working Club members KI1G, WE1H, and W1WBB.
    Here are my results…
    73, Ken K3IU

    Operator Category : SINGLE-OP (UNASSISTED)
                 Band : 10M
                Power : HIGH
                 Mode : CW
         ARRL Section : RI
            Club/Team : CTRI Contest Group
            Band    QSOs    Pts  Cty
              28     531    2124  111
           Total     531    2124  111
                Score : 235,764
  7. Bill,

    You found a great mix of CW and SSB Qs to maximize your score. I wrestled with the fact that I’m just not comfortable calling CQ on CW yet, so I would go SSB to call CQ and raise my rate. I figured if I can get 3-5 times the hourly rate in SSB Qs vs. CW Qs that makes up for the .5 score value (not to mention the additional mults on SSB). Good strategy, but I needed to get another few hundred CW Qs in the log to really make it pay off.

    So, my lesson learned (again) is that I really need to work on my CW skills with the RufzXP program. I stopped doing it and regretted it this weekend. I have no doubt that I could have scored 3-4 times my score if I had called CQ on CW for even a few hours.

    One of the great things about our club is the motivation and education our members supply for each other, sometimes without expressly intending to do so.

    Pat, NG1G

  8. Call: W1XX
    Operators: W1XX
    Station: W1XX

    Class: SO SSB HP
    QTH: RI
    Operating Time (hrs): 4

    SSB QSOs = 546 Dom Mult = 42 DX = 43

    Total Score = 93,670

    Club: CTRI Contest Group


    Out-of-town family Christmas plans took priority this weekend so did not get on ’til Sunday morning. Was ready for both SSB and CW but with such limited time…only operated SSB in short bursts. As soon as the run petered out, I went away to come back later for another short burst. Conditions were EU in the morning til about 11 AM…and west in the afternoon. Two VKs called me as well as Guam, and Alaska…so it was fun. An old friend, K0TO who was my last contact told me that RI Qs were plentiful…so I suspect that CTRI was out in full force doing a good job. This was a good contest in which to give a special club effort. 73! — John, W1XX

  9. KI1G
    Single Op CW HP

    1368 QSO’s X (62 sections + 82 countries) = 787,968

    Alot going on outside of the contest this weekend, I was only able to put in about 12 hours. Conditions were pretty good when the band was open, the problem with this time of year is that the shortest day of the year is closing in on us and 10 meters likes to get juiced during the daylight hours. Wait until next year when the solar flux will be about 100 points higher and it will really be a treat.

    Worked most of the usual suspects, KS1J, K3IU, NG1G, WE1H and a handfull of other RI stations including K1VSJ and some other calls that I did not recognize. Missed DE and WV, lots of KL7 activity. European runs were great right after our sunrise but as soon as they went into their nighttime the band closed out pretty quick. JA’s were alot louder Sunday night than Saturday.

    Happy holidays to all

    Rick KI1G

  10. Steve,

    Do you have a .adi file of your contest log or can you export one? If so, why not send it to me and I’ll see if I can import it into Writelog and get you a score. My email address is ng1g At verizon DOT net.

    Pat, NG1G

  11. G’morning, Steve:

    Points = 2 per QSO for SSB; 4 per QSO for CW

    Multipliers = number of states(US)/provinces(Canada)/states(Mexico) + DXCC countries. KL7, KH6, and Dist of Columbia count as states.

    Final score = Number of QSOs x total points x multipliers.

    If you still have the handout that W1XX provided a couple meetings ago about this contest, it explains things pretty well.

    Glad you were able to join in the fun!!

    73, Ken K3IU

  12. Some great scores from the team! I got to operate for about 11 hours… which was nice since I didn’t have any schoolwork over the weekend! Condx up here were not all that good, with no Asia at all, and just a few hours of EU in the AM. My 160M Inverted L seemed to be the best antenna, but not having a beam puts me squarely in the “little pistol” category, but it was easier with 500 Watts. Despite the conditions, it was nice to have 10 so busy. I worked several club members and to an individual I believe I asked for fills or busted your call at least once during the exchange – sigs were very light and QSB was mean on the second day..

    I had 566 CW QSO’s with 94 Mults for a total of 212816 Pts.

    I love these tests because I can avoid SSB and work just CW, while those who prefer (or canput up with SSB get their choice of modes).


    – Matt

  13. CTRI CG Gang,

    This will be a record setting contest. I was at HQ this afternoon. Sean, KX9X said that 42 hours after the contest was over (about the time I was talking with him) he had received over 3000 logs so far! It will be interesting to see just how many logs get submitted. I uploaded my log to LoTW yesterday afternoon, and by last evening, I already at 30% confirmed! ( 30% of 30 Q’s is about 10 confirmed, but since one of them was Greenland, I was very pleased).

    I should get the W1CGA and K1DM logs submitted this evening, or early tomorrow.

    This was a fun contest for me, despite the frustration of low power and no beam, and operating in CT.

    73, Mike, K1DM

  14. I submitted my log to ARRL with CTRI Contest Group. My time on task was only about four hours and will do more next time. My points were 2,400. I enjoyed the contest and learned much.

    72, John, K1JSM

  15. Hello John –

    Thanks for participating and glad you had fun. There’s *always* much to learn in the contesting game! Heard you on SSB that Sunday and will look forward to a future Hexbeam to Hexbeam QSO.

    73, Bill W1WBB

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