Operating RTTY split – is it magic?
Operating RTTY split – is it magic? avatar


I would like to get set up to operate split using RTTY.  I wish to monitor my transmit frequency AND the transmit frequency of the station I am trying to work (usually the DX station).  To do it, I believe I need two digital interfaces running at the same time, one on the main VFO (my RX freq) and the second on the second VFO (my TX freq) [ I am using a K3 for this experiment].

Can someone give me a clue how I might configure this both hardware wise, and software wise.  I currently have MMTTY and MMTTY2 on my RM2 desktop.  Do I just start the first one, and then start the second one?  Are there instructions in the N1MM Logger documentation that I should be reading?

After I get everything configured, I would like to try some on-air tests while I learn what I am doing.  Currently, when I want to grab a W1AW/? station on RTTY, and they are operating split, I keep switching VFOs (A/B) until I get each VFO set to where I think he’s listening, and then I give a call.  But, I feel like I am operating blind, since I can’t copy except on the signal that’s on the A VFO.

Help please.  Thank you.  73, Mike, K1DM

W1AW/1 CT Second Act Starts 9/17
W1AW/1 CT Second Act Starts 9/17 avatar

The second W1AW operating session for CT starts Tuesday evening or 0000Z on 9/17. The schedule is posted at w1aw.dxusa.net. Managing the schedule will be Dick KB1H and Tom W1TJL. They show the contact email addresses as kb1h@arrl.net, w1tjl@arrl.net and w1aw-ct@dxusa.net.

I plan on hosting here and will have the two operating stations available all week, but possibly not daytime Sunday the 21st. It’s first season home game for the Patriots! You can contact Tom or Dick and get your password or just let me know when you will be over to operate and your preferred bands/modes. We will also be able to fill voids in the schedule most any time, but if you have band preferences it’s best to reserve on your own.
John, W1AN

Noise avatar

As many of you may know, I have been suffering from S9+ power line noise for about 4 or 5 months. Loud enough to keep me off the air. But this past weekend, John W1AN showed up to help locate the noise problem. My initial suspect pole turned out to be totally wrong but John and his handy ultrasonic detector nailed the real culprits. I called in the three pole numbers to National Grid yesterday. It was an effort getting through their automatic menu system to finally get a customer service rep. But when I did, she took down the information, frequencies where the noise occurred, strength and the equipment used to locate the poles. She also took my address and phone number but did not give me any idea as to when they might get back to me. I also did not get a case number.

But thanks to John I am finally making progress on this issue!!

I hope National Grid takes timely action but who knows. Watch this space for future announcements.


Jim KS1J

Small analysis of the CTRI Champions Competition (Rev 1)
Small analysis of the CTRI Champions Competition (Rev 1) avatar

I prepared the info in the link for the Saturday meeting. Contest Manager, NG1G, suggested that I post it here on the web site. Attached is a pdf file with that analysis. I tried to just add it to this posting, but somehow the formatting gets all screwed up when I do that. If you open it with your browser plug-in, it may look a bit strange, but if you download it and open it with your pdf reader (Adobe or equal) it displays just fine.

Revision 1: Just received 2 more entries from our leader, K1DM. We still did not break 80 million!

Quick-dirty analysis of CTRI Champions competition

73, Ken K3IU  Keeper of the Leaderboard