NEQP Preliminary Results
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This is just a quick listing.  I will have more later, but I am leaving town for a few days.

K1DM single op high power assisted (not that it helps, when you’re calling CQ) NLN CT

499 QSOs  72 multipliers,  71,856 points  9.67 hours in the chair (All CW)

What happened to all the stations on Sunday afternoon?

I heard and/or worked W1DX, W1XX, W1WBB, KS1J, W1CTN, and probably others that I slept through


Another award showed up in my mail box
Another award showed up in my mail box avatar


In my mailbox today was a certificate from ARRL.  It informed me that I finished 7th place – US & Canada for the 2016 ARRL DX CW contest, which translated into 1st place Connecticut Section – Single Operator 80 meters (unassisted).  (24,111 points).

Once again, pick your category judiciously.  K1DM

Activating Roger Williams National Memorial – NM 22 for NPOTA
Activating Roger Williams National Memorial – NM 22 for NPOTA avatar

To date this site has been activated 5 times for a recorded 254 QSOs.  W1XX, K1DM, and W1AN are looking at activating the site on Thursday, 29 September.  It looks like we will be on the air around 10:00 AM for several hours.  We will probably finish before sunset.  Since we will only have one antenna – a trapped vertical attached to the trailer hitch on my van – it will most likely be a FONE effort, which seems to be the most popular mode as far as I can determine.

If you have some free time that day, you are welcome to join in the fun.  We’ll attempt to answer anyone who gives us a call (if we hear you).  Club members are also welcome to join us on site and operate!

More to follow as the plans get set in concrete (or is it jello?)

Mike, K1DM

Club Election Results Posted
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We held elections at the meeting this past Saturday at T’s Restaurant.   Eight members were present.  Club officers for the following year will be:

President: NG1G, Pat

Vice President: W1XX, John

Secretary:  KB1RFJ, Mike

Contest Manager:  K1SD, James

Treasurer:  KB1RFJ, Mike

Past President:  K1DM, Mike

I would like to thank each club member who helped make the past year a success, and look forward to what should be an exciting year under our new officers.

Mike, K1DM

14 May 2016 meeting
14 May 2016 meeting avatar

I have heard from the following individuals who are planning to attend tomorrow’s meeting at the Library around 10:00 AM:  W1YRC, K1SD, KS1J, W1AN, K1DM, W1XX, W1WBB.  All are welcome.  Hope to see you there.  We still have a few items that need attention dealing with Ed, W1PN’s move west, club non-profit status, field day 2016, etc.

I was out of town for a few days, so I’m a bit behind on publishing this information.

Congrats to Molly on passing her Technician’s license Exam.  Welcome to the wonderful world of Amateur Radio.  We’ll have to talk about Kid’s Day in June.  I am planning on getting a bunch of (Delaware) Cub Scouts onto the radio that day!

73, Mike, K1DM, President

CTRI March 2016 Meeting Agenda
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I am preparing the agenda for the upcoming meeting.  If you have items you would like to include, please send them to me via e-mail, or post them as comments to this post.  I will collect everything into one post so it’s there for all to see.

Mike, K1DM, President.

Here’s a cut at the agenda items I’ve come up with:

Agenda for 12 March 2016 CTRI Meeting

Reports:       Minutes (Notes by KS1J – thanks, Jim)

Old Business:     National Parks On the Air Update
                                 Plaques sponsorship report (What has been added this month?)
                                 Youth involvement in Amateur Radio – letter to ARRL
                                 Resolution of the club at its termination

New Business:    Field Day 2016 – if we’re gonna do it, let’s make it official
                                  Letter of thanks to W1PN for his years of service
                                  Annual report for 501(c) 3

There was some question as to whether the club incorporation had been completed.  W1AN found a link that verified that the club is now incorporated.  We will have to make some changes to that document now that Ed moved west.

We also need to modify trustee for KE1S.

This looks like enough to keep the meeting going to well past dark!

Mike, K1DM

Snow Storm Results???
Snow Storm Results??? avatar

I don’t know how you all are making out.  It’s still snowing here in Salem, CT.  I have already surpassed 12 inches.  At this point, I am less than optimistic that I will get out of the driveway in time for the meeting on Saturday morning.  As long as I have power, I will be able to communicate via the internet!

More to follow.  Mike, K1DM

Proposed slate of Officers for this coming year
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Club members;

As required by our bylaws, we are supposed to hold election of officers at our September meeting.  To that end, I have held individual discussions/exchanged e-mails with several members of the club to put together a proposed slate of candidates for office for the coming year.

As always, we will accept nominations from the floor, and then vote for each office.  Please consider this slate, and come prepared to vote.

Since we have a work-party scheduled at W1LW following the meeting, I would like us to stay focused on task at the meeting so we can “get to work” on the tower.

Proposed Slate:     President – see below

Vice President – Pat, NG1G

Secretary – Ed, W1PN

Treasurer – Mike, KB1RFJ

Contest Manager – James, K1SD

I am willing to run for president if someone wants to nominate me.  If elected, I intend to superintend some minor changes in how we function as an organization.  It is my goal to give each member of the Executive Committee a task assignment that should keep that individual focused on a long-term goal for the club.  Each task will be related to the position held, and the betterment of club activities.

Thanks for putting up with me this past year.  For CTRI it’s been a good year, despite my enduring some personal challenges that have been somewhat distracting at times.

See you at the meeting, Mike, K1DM

First Contest of the NEW CONTEST YEAR – Starts tomorrow
First Contest of the NEW CONTEST YEAR – Starts tomorrow avatar

The 2015/2016 Contest Season is about to begin.  Our first contest starts tomorrow, Saturday, 12 September, 2015 in the form of the ARRL September VHF Contest.  To get the club off to a strong start, let’s see how many entries we can accumulate for this one!

The contest begins on Saturday afternoon around two pm local time, so you have your morning free to fine-tune your antennas, run new coax, or get the lawn mowed one more time before the neighbors notice that it’s getting ragged.

Six meters should yield a few easy contacts – each club contact counts double for the club score – or try the 2-m FM only category.  Remember all that wall paper Ken, K3IU has been complaining about – maybe you can grab one or two for your shack!

See you in the pile-ups.

73, Mike, K1DM

September is Elections month
September is Elections month avatar

As required by our Constitution, Article III, Section B (, the September meeting of CTRI will include in the agenda election of officers.

It is important for our club that we have a good turnout, and that everyone comes prepared to vote on new officers.  If you  would like to hold an elected position in the club, please send me an e-mail (, and I will put together a list of those who are interested in holding an office in the club.  Our club officers include: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Contest Manager.

Of course, we will also have nominations from the floor at the meeting.  The results of elections will set the course of the club for this upcoming year.  Thanks for taking part.

73, Mike, K1DM

August 8th Meeting Summary
August 8th Meeting Summary avatar

CTRI Gang,

We had a relatively small crowd at the August meeting, not surprising, given it’s the middle of summer.  But, I’d like to give you who were not there a brief idea of what you missed.

Mike, KB1RFJ, updated us on his progress with getting his tower installed.  Most of the “paperwork” is finished now, and it’s getting down to the hardware work.  Stand by for a call for assistance.  James, K1SD, demonstrated his “Remote Operation” set-up, implementing the article in August, QST.  Nice job, James.  It was interesting seeing how all the software worked together.

If you are planning to go to Boxboro, and are interested in car pooling, get in touch with W1AN.  He’s planning an early morning drive through Rhode Island, to collect club members, and have some company.

That’s pretty much it for the meeting.  Our next gathering is in September at the North Kingstown library.  See you then, if not before.  Mike, K1DM, President.

CTRI CG July 2015 Meeting Notice – This is Important!!!
CTRI CG July 2015 Meeting Notice – This is Important!!! avatar

Following the lively discussions on e-mail, as President of this group of rabid contesters, I hereby decree that this Saturday’s meeting will convene at 10:00 AM at the North Kingstown Library.  This is the same place we met for the June meeting, and where we have been meeting for the past several months.

Thanks for all the other options that were presented, reservations made, etc, etc.  I appreciate the several members that stepped up and took the initiative to help keep the ball in-play.  It’s especially gratifying to me to see everyone getting involved.  It’s all good.

We have two main topics to act on at this meeting: 1) Field Day Review, and 2) Boxboro plans.

Based on the success of the Field Day event, I am looking for someone to step up and take ownership of the Boxboro expedition.  I believe that will enhance the club experience at this event, just like Field Day matured under the leadership/guidance of W1XX.

See you all on Saturday morning.  Don’t forget that Traffic might be a tad bit excessive, so please allow a few extra minutes to get there.

73, Mike, K1DM, CTRI Contest Group President – I missed the meeting when elections were held, remember?

Surviving the storm – June 23, 2015
Surviving the storm – June 23, 2015 avatar

I hope you made out okay with this storm that went though Connecticut (and Rhode Island) this afternoon.  I had no significant damage, but I did lose the top of one tree, which took out my 40-meter dipole on it’s way down.  The 20-m dipole got tangled in the branches, but did not break.

Of course my 40-m dipole was my antenna for 40, 30, 15, and 10 meters.  I will get what I can done tomorrow, but I suspect the antenna will not be fully functional until after the 4th of July.  I have some commitments between now and then.

Good luck.  See you at Field Day!  73, Mike, K1DM